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Yes the thought of that the that broke college co ed was six Bucks in the bank the gave voca Honda's three dollars and a Pocahontas kept I just got a note from somebody you gotta remember rush that young girl is hoping that she can get a free education and fall behind us will forgive her stood alone by investing maybe it makes okay here's three box if you got elected you can forgive my student loan then gonna happen and even if that was the objective pocahantas should be given the money back should not a cap of somebody here I only have six books in order to give you your store for right now loud but yes that's why I'm not in politics back to the phones Grainger Indiana Victor great to have you Sir welcome to the EIB network thank you Roger and I don't speak with you great to have you here your natural hair look three candidates who what the Democrats want to lose what I would have to say and what was our would be the one I think they're still in the process of growing there eight for probably a two thousand and twenty four Ron an honest one you don't want to put him on the still in the process of grooming you may or definitely background his whole career you ran all your you mean you mean prepped as a kid I'm sorry your men whatever Hammond prepped as a yeah okay as always they don't want to throw him away right away they don't want me or P. to lose now now he's up rock Obama of two thousand twenty fourth what they're thinking really really get the like or something but that nothing I'm not thank you know you either but it sucks for you think that they would be so I'll just take what do you think that day the democratic establishment would be content to lose two presidential elections in a row women at the top of the ticket Hillary and Amy closure yeah because they can so they can so why are on such just America not winning the vote for a woman and they've already started the process of saying I'm still in the two thousand twenty election with Ukraine yeah they're getting older this is on a roll then they can pop it in there in two thousand twenty fourth more morning recognition marks falls over the next four years why wouldn't they want to lose and you look I'm not disagreeing I'm just I'm picking your brain for why wouldn't I want to lose with crazy burning at the top of the ticket why what do they want apple should listen to get creamed all in all I think it was famous for which are she got more safe candidate and water views should be how she comes across rather than the extreme I think they know they need to stay in the center to win on the national level whether they believe in the far left or not you know they want the far left agenda but I think they want to stay in the center as far as perception well yeah I understand the perception of wanting to stay in the center but perceptions often times are gonna Sir come to reality that's the problem with that is I think one of the problems the Democrat party has it is for for most of my life the Democrat party has masked itself any hidden from everybody one it's real intentions are and the the the during the Obama years they started to get brave and then after a bomb of a truck got elected they're totally brave now here comes crazy Bernie some of the other left wing radicals all the stuff happening on college campuses it's gonna be tough to put that back in the bottle and I just I don't believe there is a great middle in the Democrat party anymore so this yesterday I just don't believe it exists I don't believe that exist in the country about how how can there be such a grand and great little yes we are soul partition if we are more partisan ly divided than we've been since this double wall how in the world can there be this great swath of moderate people don't care one way or the other in the middle and that's what people little our right people don't care one way or the other and so it's a myth that they're there but everybody in politics lives with the belief that they are there and that they can get them and that by getting them they can then define themselves as something that's not radical or not extreme we are in the middle straight down in that there aren't enough people in that's why the whatever it is two one get anybody elected speaking club a shard this is I I said they've got a new nickname for her here's a media montage number six in three two one is there Khloe meant to him mentor there is called the search there is a charge and there's Clementon yeah and when you look at the word why I have it here on the official transcript and it looks like a constipation ad that you would see on the internet or on TV just hold me a call back clap clap meant them and then you start clubs surge that could be the white sedan version of it here's Amy clover shar herself last night in our headquarters up in in Concord New Hampshire hello America I'm Amy clover star and I will be Donald Trump Donald trumps worst nightmare is that the people in the middle the people of had enough of the name calling and the mud slinging have someone to vote for in November I'm John Lennon dream number nine is going through my my head here she eats her salad by the way with a calm did you know that Rush Limbaugh.

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