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Not december from tucson x knows the most any coyote goalscoring drought none of his last fifteen games he does have the sisters last great but rendered per lead is truly looked upon and the puck in the net he's got such a great shot at a great relief while i was talking to someone in buffalo and they said even in junior he was a freaky player and he's been that way since you touched on how more been more consistent with his overall game and he was at the start of the year so even though he's not scoring so getting things done no wall worked decent for check been good and the panthers now come over the coyotes line offside and we'll get the stoppage on the ice of lord of is mark passing and we saw that crazy goal at carolina thursday by golly goth either skied cam ward and then he dragged his leg pack over the goal line will as you well know prior to that they'll previous bowl that were involved in mark catholic was a big part of it because the guy who put the puck up in the air that landed in lakes the buffalo years back little fun for me oh yeah now he's a member of the florida panthers that was part of part of the coyotes team or what a play by camper camper from behind his death ryan smart with the outlet pass and now it sent into the cortisol but it's going to be icing on the coyotes i mentioned this before the one of the games camper play but he's a very active goalie sense whether when is that presence or guys for checking he'll kinda get their way bob little bit there's a point of the game caroline where he did it the fans got a little upset ran a little bit the way i like that about game not afraid to eat out there and play the puck eater showing some cooperatives earlier they often the right a camper controlled by florida's by the far corner now hip to the bar boards and i always able.

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