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Austria German all right that German and no I don't think that's a language let's see how you guys did we go to the scoreboard with Jose anybody could have we're the three best friends that anyone could one yes you think you did well and you did you got four correct yeah you also too well yeah five yeah buy a new one area I will be the mute button on your quick now let's just go over the answer that happens this weekend the clocks move forward in our Omaha sim cards than Texas hold'em are variations of poker the main ingredient in risotto would be rice England's live in the South Pole in nineteen seventy blobby disks were invented by IBM therefore strings on a violin and the official language of Austria is Austria alien it's German yeah with only one all right so Terry I can well you know that's part of the game well we do have a price to give you okay I think you know what it is thank you what is it it's the Victoria that's right you get a quicker vacation get away to Victoria BC voted Canada's most romantic city you can enjoy scenic waterways as a travel right to Victoria's inner harbor go to.

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