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Cool. I liked it too. That you geek out about the bubble because I geek out about all the time when I'm like holy cow. I'm looking at some of your numbers here and I want to get to what the song is going to do. In a second. But you're five grammies fifty nine Dove Awards Your Gospel. Music's most awarded artist. One American Music Award you sold over ten million albums Jeff. Forty nine number one songs. Do you have any house for just your award? Steven Curtis is that the one next door he's walkover in knock and go in and look. Yeah yeah years ago. Gary Chapman who always gave me a hard. You know. We're not related but Same last name He. He said that I should melt. All my words down until like one big one and put it in a fountain in my yard so now I I just have a studio where they're kind of Tucked away up on a nice shelf out of out of sight out of mind. But there there. 'cause I'm grateful for all of them obviously. I'm blown away. Kids from Paducah Kentucky. You know how does that happen but Just God's goodness I gotta so cool This song by the way together. We'll get through this not an official single but it is raising funds for Kobe. Causes including the Grand Ole OPRY Trust Fund. Which I'm very involved with Grand Ole opry and it's such a such a good organization. How did you get involved With with this song going towards that well I mean all of us obviously in music business have been deeply affected by this all of us all over the world which is part of why. I wrote the song because we are in fact in this together. I don't think I know I've never experienced anything in my lifetime. That has leveled more the playing field or the ground where all common grounds you know no matter where what you do where you are but some have been obviously a more impacted even than others And because no concerts no you know opportunities just for all the layers of that you know. From musicians to crew guys two buses to concert goers in venues and guys that sell the merchandise impacted by so people and so I wrote this song thinking of obviously i. I want to try to bring people together. I want to encourage what I see as a little ray of light. That's been shining through this very dark time. And that's that that idea that we really do need each other that we are made for relationship to be together to to work together in these things something we desperately need in our world. Now I think more than ever and in our nation and so I was inspired by that and and Wanted to write a song to kind of kick the door open for that crack of light to get a little bit brighter and So with that I thought man. It'd be great if there are proceeds. You know anymore with music and the way it works you know but as there are God willing some proceeds. I'd love to be able to help artists and and people impacted particularly in the music business both through OPRY Trust Fund which. I played on the you the first time when I was nineteen years old so it's been full circle for me to come back and get to play the opry a lot more recently in fact. Hopefully we'll cross paths here at some point I'll meet you face to face but And then also for the Gospel Music Association has a fund as well for many of the artists that gave us Great Gospel Music over the years and now are struggling to just keep food on the table and and you know the people that associate with them and work with them so just to try to help some people that obviously are kind of in my field and in my My area of of music. That's so cool by the way Steven Curtis Chapman is on with us right now. It's very good to talk to someone van of and you have been. It's always cool as to when you get to meet someone and I know we're just meeting virtually here but you get to meet someone who you're a fan of as a kid because it's always that much cooler. Did you ever have that where you are? A fan of. Somebody is a kid and you got to meet him when you got older. And you're like man. This is really cool. Oh yeah well. I mentioned Glen Campbell a minute ago. I had as a kid I grew up. Glen's music was probably some of my favorite a lot because my dad and my now eighty year old. Dad is a great guitar player. Great Singer and sounds a lot when he was younger at Glens. Hd sounded a lot. Like him I could play your records and my dad. You hear it but so I was a huge fan and I'll never forget I was doing a double words. Which is you know. Gospel Music's annual big kind of award deal and I was It was being hosted that year by Glen Campbell and Marilyn mccoo you remember. Some of you will remember her name and and I had this knock at my door and And it was open the door and it was Glen Campbell and he was standing there saying. Hey I wanna meet Steven Curtis Chapman. 'cause I like his music and I was just like you know by blowing so yeah. There have been a lot of those opportunities. I was hanging out one real quick other one because I just thought this is so fun to tell the story. I was standing on a street corner my first Grammy Awards with my wife and New York. This is when it was at radio. City Music Hall Ricky skaggs and his bride Sharon White were standing there and I'm like British gags him a big Fan. Polygamy your Steven Steven Gershon. I love what you're doing to brother. I'm like no way said let's go have lunch. Let's go get you know a Deli saying so we're walking into to a deli and we walked past a window and he starts making faces inside the window in New York City at some guy sitting at a table and it's Michael McDonald from the dude. So he's like. I like you know Mike McDonald and they said Yeah you WanNa meet him so staggering takes me in to meet Michael McDonald so I mean just crazy. 'cause awesome hoping and just a double double down on. Ricky and I've become good friends since I've started playing the opera at the opera. And he is the greatest guy. Ricky skaggs the greatest guy and he. Yeah well let me ask you one final question here. Because I was looking through and I wanted to really see which of your albums resonated the most with me. 'cause you can kind of associate an album to a part of your life. But what I noticed was a lot of different hairstyles. That I really didn't keep track of that. They were so. What are those question down. Was that of all the hairstyles on all the albums. Which one do you regret the most? Oh Lord have mercy The mullet was was really cool for about fifteen minutes in the late eighties. Thank you bill rate but I perfected it. I like to think I mean. Billy Ray did but I kind of took it to a whole `nother level with the curl and everything so if you ever look at the real life conversations album that was the one and 'cause that's probably the one that I'm most like why why didn't somebody that loves me. Aside and go dude. You'RE GONNA really regret this someday. But no no they were all just lapping behind my back. I think what a what a great guest you were today. Not that I wasn't expecting it but you just never know everybody's Stephen Carter. Shamans a great guest for the radio show. We got to come back in. Okay here's the deal. Everybody listening right now just for the on on a serious note. The song called together. We'll get through this with Steven. Curtis Chapman Brad Paisley Lauren Elena and Tasha cobbs Leonard. And I'm a big fan of all the music. No if you stream this song that it will raise funds for Cova causes including the Grand Ole opry trust fund. He has prompted Dukic. Kentucky is debt. Your Dad had a music store you go. I mean you grew up in it and you did a lot of good with them I France. Well thank you very much for your life contribution to to me and music and I hope to see in real life. Brinson me as well. Bobby truly an honor man. Thank you so much and Appreciate the shoutout for the song and What you do stay safe all right man all right article about what we know now since everything is going to give him to us for example do you know your spouse's cell number. Amy Yes you do. Yeah Wow I don't know Kaelin number area code phone number anything. Well I mean to be fair. You can cave dating a handful of months and I've been married for fourteen years almost so yeah I phone numbers also change but he had it since we got married so I don't even look I'm just like okay. Numbers in never looked at it again. Okay well good for you say della number. Do you know the name of the roads you take to work. Oh No I don't even know that highway that I get on the Mandolin like the major state. That's intercity well. There's a couple I don't even know. I don't know my husband He. He'll say things to me like he'll use the highway he'll say just sixty five or get on four forty in on that highway every day. I could probably do the roads if I had to. But I definitely don't know anyone cell phone number. I don't know your cell phone number. We'd been together thirteen years rude. Do.

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