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Outdated organizational structure for the agency. That's expected to process twenty million relied dis over the next four years. Let's see what's up with your drive now on the fifty seven and brea on the Fifty-seven south before Lambert road had a crash here in lanes now it's over to the right shoulder something behind that as well. That has been open moved over to the right shoulder. So all in all your drive on fifty seven southbound pretty usual tough coming away from the sixty and it stays that way to the twenty two KFI in this guy. Sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff with an update on the one thirty four strand into the problem of the morning now, this is the eastbound thirty four the crash is at forest lawn. The carpool and left lane are blocked. Oh, it's a matter of fact as speech, you're right now one of the ambulance leaving right now. But still the carpool left lane are blocked. The backup is clear to the interchange. The one seventy one thirty four interchange. Now, you can get around this very easily right now if you're at Universal Studios or water brothers studios. Pick up eastbound forest lawn that allegiance to it on for these one thirty four as a matter of fact, your past the problem and pass all delays all clearance. Glendale after that if you're around look alike studio city valley village that use riverside continue to look alike. It'll change Dalla Mia take that over towards the five in Glendale and you'll be happy. You did injured in an accident. Visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Wagner, KFI in the sky on the five south right at the twenty to the orange crush entertained wreck in the car pool lane and left lane just reported so far you're sticking sitting in traffic from the ninety one KFI in this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Robin banks. Dodger pitcher Hyun Jin Ryu left his start with a groin injury before the end of the second inning.

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