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Have played out is non competitive, but before they drop the puck, you don't have any idea as to who whose night It's going to be. Ah, at sitting it to one. How big an advantage is that for Vegas right now. Look, They made a mistake in Game two, and they readily admitted this that they they got there. Ego and cockiness ahead of them. After Game one. They were spewing way too much. You know what out of them at the Vancouver Canucks, and they took their foot totally off the gas and just basically thought that this was gonna be a walk in the park for them against the Vancouver connection that Siri's And the Canucks responded that now hold on. We've got some really good players and future superstars in this league. We're not going down without a fight, and they just went back to their basics in their game yesterday yesterday. Excuse me in order to, you know, take it to one serious lead, and this is a team that You know, I mentioned about all the weapons that Tampa Bay Lightning have, Conversely, in the Western Conference. It's almost the same thing, if not more with what Vegas has brought to the table, and you've got a totally motivated mark Stone from an offensive perspective, the swagger that he's bringing on the ice After scoring one hell of a goal by by ripping it right into the top corner and then having a little bit of a swag motion after that goal. There's there's a kind of confidence coming out off the Vegas locker room here. It's certainly going to be in tough for the Vancouver tonight to get through it. They have a lot of weapons. I'm expecting the next game. And quite frankly, as Faras, the Siri's goes Be a lot tighter. I think we're going to see some tighter hockey a little bit more physical. I don't think we're going to see the three things for nothing's, you know, 31 kind of. I think we're going to see tighter hockey. In in that particular Siri's, but when you come down to playing a tight game You basically lean towards who's got the most talent and the Vancouver Canucks are going to be a very good team in the National Hockey League in about two seasons from now is kind of where I'd been point from. Vegas is fantastic right now. And certainly one of the more dominant teams in the league. They've got more talent. The longer this goes, the more favorable I think This is for the Vegas whole tonight, then the reason why we have a guy like David Paige Note on to give us this great analysis because because you sometimes you're truly to just be woefully wrong about a particular team in a particular run. I thought that the Arizona Colorado Siri's had cancer be competitive. I remember saying it with you because I said, I thought that stories would be more competitive than The Flyers and Montreal because they were similar matchups in round number one. I was woefully lot wrong. Colorado just winning and Blitzkrieg, Arizona. So then I jump on the Colorado bandwagon and say, Well, they're going to take very Dallas here in round number two, not the case down to one down five to with 11 minutes to play in the third quarter, it's on their face in a 31 deficit. How did Colorado go? So backward so quickly? You know what, and don't feel too bad because I thought this was going to be an easier Siri's for Colorado, then. Most people expected as well on DH that we've seen from from what Dallas is brought to the table. The difference here and we've been waiting for the Dallas Stars. The team in their fan base have been waiting all season. To see their offense get going. One of the things that Dallas hasn't had in the last 23. Maybe even four seasons. Prior to this one was an overall secondary scoring depth. They didn't have too many weapons outside of their top guys. In Tyler. Second Jamie Benn. And Alex Rachael off, and now we're seeing a team that they made some changes in the off season, they brought in veteran presence and Corey Perry and Joe Pavelski. And they've got two guys that have emerged as studs in the National Hockey League and Dennis, Brianna and in Rupert hints, and now they're spreading out the offense it this isn't just a one line team anymore, but we've been waiting all season as good as the Stars were in the regular season. We're still waiting for those guys to get going and for them to spread it out consistently, and they've managed to do that in these playoffs so far, and they really got going here against Colorado, and it's been a lot more difficult. For the ABS to contain that spread offense. You know? Yes. There they don't have Philip grew power He's done for this series as their goaltender. Yes, They don't have Eric Johnson on the blue line, and that's been a big miss. No question for the ABS. But at the same time, Colorado is able to excuse me. Dallas is able to roll four lines right now against the app, and that's ultimately been the difference. So far in this serious it's going to be a tight one. There's no question, but Dallas is performance in this one. Due to how well they've been able to get consistent offense from basically all four of their lines. David Great stuff we appreciate the hockey inside will certainly get young again as the playoffs roll along in the bubble. Ah, it is soon enough. It'll be just one of the two cities and we'll have a Stanley Cup final. Coming down our way. Who's going to get there? We'll continue to watch and enjoy David Trumpet. I wouldn't appreciate it much. You got a man? Thank you. David Pagnotta from serious.

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