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Market with two hundred fifty employees. Abia them have allowed the company to do it. I was wondering if you guys would allow the company to do it to you guys. If this company wanted to do what the company has done Ireland, Jay, and Mike, the company has implanted a microchip, the size of a large grain of rice into their hands in paddock between the thumb and forefinger. Okay. When scanned by Rita, the chips are used to make purchases in the company cafeteria and to gain access to the building and for logging into workstation. So here's the question if ESPN seven, ten wanted to implant a microchip into your hands. Would you guys get the chip or do you? Do you think this is a good idea? Or would you say no way, Mike? What do you think? Would you let them implant a chip in you? It depends on if they're paying us more. I would think about it, but other than that, no. Right. Jay. Now, not at all, but what happens if you leave the company? Did they take it out. They can, I guess, take it back out because it's not like under your skin actually sits on top. He's getting, you can see. It looks like just like a grain of rice. I am put on your. Hi, I'm not exaggerating. This is the worst idea I have ever heard, and I can't believe that eighty. People agreed to think about when the what they could use, they can track all your whereabouts when you're not at work. That's right. I've got hanging around my neck. I got an ESPN fob in an ID. That's all they need out of me. They don't get my whole life. They don't get to implant things under my skin, Pearson, jeez, you could be bought for anything hug, Kimmy more money, and I might do it. Keep me more money. Can I have brain surgery? I mean, what is wrong with? You know, you're not letting company implant a microchip, less an experiment. So you never know, could be unhealthy for the cancer agree to voluntary surgery on behalf of your employer. This is a company ESPN lays people off every year ching, how much. Talking it that is a Michael that you wouldn't do it, would you never? I would never do somebody a God. Awful idea eighty Mason. We're here. P Mason would hate this idea even more than me and I hate it with all my will. People do if they double just salaries, doubled it. W is still wouldn't do it. What time is my search. All right, Michael. The NFL contributors committee announced today that they've put two guys up for potential hall of fame induction Broncos owner, Pat Bowlen, and Cowboys executive Gil Brandt who is in charge of all their drafting in the in the seventies those two guys are up for hall of fame nomination. But it got me to thinking. There are a lot of great players and other people who aren't in the hall of fame yet, I'll give you a name. You can ask Mike and Jay for help if you need it, but you're normally pretty good at this stuff. I'll give you a name. You tell me yes or no. Is this player currently a member of the NFL hall of fame. All right. You ready? Sterling. Sharpe. Sterling. Sharpe. Sterling shop? He's a tight end rightful wide receiver talkers over a thousand career reception. Yeah. No, he's not in the hall yet. That is a correct answer that he had Sterling Sharpe. I don't have my by bell, but that is incorrect answer. Thank j. John Madden is John Madden. For to these Ray guy, the old raiders punter one of the greatest pundits ever. I think he finally got in. Yes, you're three for three Ray guy did get in. All right. The prototypical running quarterback played for three different teams. Randall Cunningham? No, he's not in correct four for four c. j. I don't need to help them this. All right person. You only know boxing, I knew knew about Ray guy for sure. Right. Ken stabler the snake. Is he in the hall of fame? Yeah. Staves in five. For five. Michael famous. Okay. Morton Android, he's in greatest kicker. Ever wanted the grades tickets as in you jinx yourself..

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