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Yeah, I mean, You know, The things that stood out to me is one of my face is that You know, not not faith in myself and not faith in in anything but faith in God that you know he's allowed me to be here and that Yeah, just Training. Talking to Michael Medaglia. I mean, my man, I can imagine that That would be a pretty emotional thing. When you consider what you've given up, and then I don't wanna make it worse, But I mean, you've got all these people that supported you and most of all your family. You have four kids. And from the outside. It seems like part of what your career has been about. Correct me. If I'm wrong, it seems like part of what this is about. Is you showing up every single weekend doing the work, leading by example, being a role model for your kids when it comes to working as hard as you possibly can. So what's it mean to have your name on that massive trophy and be able to point to that? As a result of what happens when you have that faith when you have that belief, and you just keep working? Yeah, it's you know, it's awesome. I mean, because I've never lost hope and I never lost. You know faith, and then I was gonna win races. I've always believed that And I tell my kids that too, and you know, my kids have had been around this sport and so you know, they play with the other kids at the racetrack in the other daddies are winning races right, And that's not hard something at all. It's a life example that I give my kids and No, I tell my life's not easy and it's hard and, yeah, I would love to be in a race sailing race car every weekend, but I'm not and they are and they're doing a good job and they're they're they're winning because they worked hard to be there. And so for my kids, you may work hard at it and to see the reward of that. I think that you know, I don't leave an impression in them for a lifetime to. Finally what about the respect and admiration to get from your peers as an example, Joy, Logano said. Quote. I'm really happy for McDowell. If we couldn't win it, I'm really happy to see Macao when this thing and a quote That's really high praise. What's in me to hear that from a fellow driver, and especially a guy like Joey Yeah, it means a lot. I mean, This sport. You know, it's different than stick and ball sports where you know you might play a team once or twice a year and TV. You know each composer once or twice a year, and we go the same. You know, we're in the same circle all the time. And we go. There we go. The race shack. We're all together, You know, Weigh all live in the same area can go to school. Yeah, we are gonna be small bubble on NASCAR and You're competing against the same 40 drivers in the same, you know 15 teams every single weekend. And so there is the true beauty element to our sport. That's probably different than a lot of other sports and And so that you know that have that. You know that have that respect and to have those relationships and It means a lot. I mean, it means a lot to know that You know, kind of why you're there grinding it out. You you feel out of place, you know, in Tonto, you know, to have the respect and you know that you know that people are happy for you and legitimately happy for you. It means a lot. So finally I wonder about this like you're in it for the right reasons, And obviously it's very clear that you have great gratitude. And great humility. And probably you feel like you're the same person that you were prior to this thing going down. But what's it like to now know that you're gonna be forever introduced is a Daytona 500 winner and that that will be with you for the rest of your life, and you will always be introduced like that. He had Hmm. Yeah, it's unthinkable. I mean, I mean for me. You know, it would be on the same trophy have my name around or near Richard Petty and Mario Andretti and Dale and Hearted and Janet Johnson. And, you know, man, they're so many. How many more? Um Yeah, that that's incredible. And you know to all that Daytona. Does the racetrack with history and you know the ceremony in the process and Um, you are legitimately forever etched in the history, um, by just the way that they celebrated, you know, what is your name in the concrete? Um, what it you know, on the The hostage a trophy. You know, there's just so much History around our sporting around Daytona To be a part of that is is very humbling. That's it. That's exactly what that is. That is forever if not longer. He was the driver of the number 34 car for front row Motor sports. Sunday's win again was his first career Cup win the O'Reilly auto parts to 53 at the Daytona Road course Sunday. 3 P.m. Eastern on Fox. Michael McDowell, My guest, Michael. Great to have you on. Congrats on amazing win. Great to have you come on and share your thoughts on and thanks so much for that. Thank you. Michael McDowell Amazing story. Snapped a 357 race streak without a win by winning the Daytona 500. All right, so we're open the rest of the way. And what that means is phone calls Social And a few more my thoughts and takes joined Marquez. You may know that name. He took a big swing now which I respect. He took a big swing. He shot his shot, and it looked like it landed. Until I didn't Lakers. I've got to get this in for sure. In fact, I wanna have that momentarily. The Lakers got an update on Anthony Davis. There were some Shaky moment yesterday. Is there waiting for the results of that? M r I They got him. It would seem like it's good news. You know that whole 2 to 3 weeks thing I'm gonna argue, And I'm no doctor. But I'm gonna argue that that 2 to 3 week thing is not a 2 to 3 weeks thing. Especially as it relates to 80. Because you can't be too careful with a guy like that. And they're gonna be really careful with a guy like that. J. J. What? If you're JJ Watt. And I mentioned this. The two things reportedly that are important to him. And why would they be money and ring? Where you gonna go? Maybe the Pittsburgh because that would afford you the opportunity to win a ring, But the money's not there, there over the cap. All right. What about Green Bay? Green Bay's a no brainer. He's Wisconsin native. He played his college ball at the University of On and we know that he'd be great there. And they need him except there over the cap. About C town. Grounds. Need him. He wants them. They have money, no brainer. JJ. Go to America's team from me to you. You will not regret it. And then we had Johnny in Texas. Remember that phone call last segment? Wells in the 36 out tweets Johnny in Texas. Isn't even good enough for the hack off. Something he said about that right? Like the hack off. You have to be train wreck. Bad something people want to stare and dock at Johnny, this is bad. Nobody want to stop in staring, Doc Adam. Jamie and Green Bay here, Rome I met this girl once who knew someone who was also named Jim. Anyway, it's 17 degrees here in Green Bay. It is cold in Green Bay. Check my phone app the weather out there today because our son Jake is in Madison minus five. Minus fire for the Cali kid. And I haven't heard from him. Except we got weed. Get this adore dash notification, Not even a notification of call it three o'clock in the morning. Adore Dasher could not get into his apartment..

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