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You might be three or four messages because you can only hit him with one one one one idea per voice mail or email and maybe a space those out but but the point is if you target appropriately if you do it because you really do believe you found someone can help eventually. You're going to have more success absolutely. That's so funny without saying it you talked about feel felt found which is one of the oldest ways that we've ever sold and yet it's still very effective. I completely agree with that right. I I think so. Often we missed the fundamentals because we're looking for some new way and then we forget that those old ways worked because we were selling to humans just like we are today who want to direct the relationship who WanNa make or they don't make a mistake. I mean there's a reason that the old saw about nobody gets fired for buying IBM is true. They're so big like what you have a reason there so if you can find something in common I think we have a really good shot of making a sale there especially as you said if we target right. So Jeff targeting right is hard. Though targeting right is difficult I mean it. It'd be really great if I could take like one customer that I have that I know is the right customer and maybe the the right position that they have maybe the right industry that they have right. I've got some right characteristics there and replicate that. So how do we do that? Jeff how how do we replicate those in? Turn one into in a five or fifty or one hundred perfect setup bill so as you know we we define how. How do you define that perfect prospect and it is work? I mean we. We still the down into into seven attributes. I gotta by my screen here. There's Sev- attributes that you want to define. We start with company than operations than whose power. Who's the decision maker likely to be for a solution like yours funding value or Roi Technology inservice? But to do that you really have to follow the guide that we guides that we provided. It isn't easy ended isn't fast and then you have to test so what we've worked on for quite some time now is is it's it's called a sales spot in technology world but what it is. Ai and machine learning running in the background so now all you have to do if you have sales floors in your a B. TO B. Two B. Salesperson. You just click on an account that you say. This is a good one for us. We we we know. Well there. We create a lot of value. You just click on a button that we put in salesforce and it will find up to five that look just like that customer so it gives you a must much greater opportunity to be targeting appropriately. It's automated that process for you in it's done. It's done the legwork. The UPFRONT LEGWORK. For while while so so you've got you build a Bot. That finds that looks at company operations. Who's the power decision maker the funding the value the Roi? The Tech. And the service me about the service. Jeff what does that? What does that mean? I understand the other six so services. All about what level of service you have to provide an is your customer willing to pay for part of your offering. What do you have to provide? It's included in the price to make sure that client actually achieves the sobs. The business problem achieves the value. That is the reason that they buy your solution while. That's that's awesome and so how so talk US talk through that? I mean it's literally just installed this little Bot- Salesforce pick the right account and basically replicated Finds five more. Yes what we've done is we've so works just in the US. Today we've adjusted over million companies and we've we've spent time scraping information about them so it's not just the right industry that though the right size you know the right code rate. Naics code was things are taken into account. But it's also do they feel like your best customer of how. How do they feel so Sarah? Graph is one of our best customers. If you click on Saturday what other companies feel like serigraphs you know. They're they're a lean manufacturer they sell based on quality. They have a great reputation in their industry. Who else is out there? That's like that and that's what we find and kind of dovetail. I shared with you before that the today you have to really bring a lot of value to somebody before they might be interested in anything else. You have these. We've decided to make this free. So it's it's it's a Beta so hopefully. We're we're setting expectations appropriately. Because we're still we're still tweaking it but we're offering it to your listeners for free. Wow Wow that's pretty awesome so in the salesforce APP exchange. You can search for the Zebra sales bought. It's invade as you said so you know it isn't GonNa be perfect but it's GonNa be a lot better than a lot of the things that are out there that you'd have to do on your own. It's got those seven different ways that you're GonNa go through company OPS. The decision maker who power funding value an R. Y. Attacking the service. So lots of stuff there jeff so if finally let me just correct okay because we haven't yet put it out on the APP exchange. Okay and the reason we haven't is because we what we're what we're doing. Is you go to Zebra Fi z? A. F. I dot Com in right on our homepage. You'll see sales but try it. Click in you can try it. Join US try it for free. It's it's a two minute install but the reason we haven't yet put it out on the SALESFORCE APP. Is WE WANNA work with some of the salesforce administrators out there just to make sure they feel like it's totally noninvasive. Make sure that they feel very comfortable recommending it to their company and that it's a it's a very easy yes in a sense awesome. Awesome all right so I stand corrected folks. Gutsy provide that calm for correcting me Jeff. I misunderstood when we talked before So yes so. Get the get. The sales bought replicates up to five of those companies. So you can find more of your best customers of yours. You would call them. Your zebras sat right. Jeff you got it. Awesome and cool so if people want to connect with you if they want to talk to you. I know Zebra Dot Com probably the best place. But you have a social channel. You hang out on that people can come by ask you some questions or talk to you a little more Yeah I'm on.

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