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Health dot org slash heart robotics. Good Saturday afternoon. It's 5 28. Traffic and weather together on the 8s for that we go to bob edler and the traffic center. And Maryland in brandywine crossing southbound on three O one and 5 delays lead to the crash near climber drive, so be alert for that headed southbound. It's in the center of the roadway. There are officials with it. Northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway after one 75 crash has been along the left side of the roadway earlier crash on 95 south after one 75 is cleared. Two 70 is running pretty well for the most part and Frederick westbound, Patrick street after 15 the crash along the right side of the roadway, 50 out to the bay bridge. That runs without delay. In Virginia, heading into the district eastbound on 66 on the Roosevelt bridge crash along the left side, believe there was more than one crash actually inbound on the Roosevelt bridge. Georgetown pike remains closed near Lee mill road with utility work, 7. At lloydsville road down to a single and in each direction for the weekend also closing a stretch of lewinsville road, 95 south very slow from newington over the academy one 23 beyond that just brief volume delays here and there. Same northbound up through Dale City and getting up to the aka Quan and Maryland beltway on the interloop slow here and there through Bethesda and Silver Spring. Been a while since you've taken the bus or train hop on board and let nova's public transportation providers get you where you're going safely, rediscover your ride at nova rides dot org bob and what you will be traffic. Well, thank you. Now your storm team four four day forecast. Here's NBC four tomorrow Theodore. Not a bad start to our weekend. Now tonight, temperatures will fall into the low 70s. We are partly cloudy, dry tonight, no rain to contend

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