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More possible victims I'm Michael pay live on KFI. Twenty four hour newsroom a nineteen year old student at Cal State Northridge has been arrested. For allegedly sexually assaulting women on campus see, some police chief and glavin says Davis. Marino high may was arrested on campus yesterday I spent hours with one, of the victims myself and an apparent and I. Know how incredibly excruciating it is burrito high may is a twenty seventeen grad of Redlands high school who played soccer at c. son allegedly committed multiple assaults on women. From April twenty seventeen through last month the. News brought to you, by Mike diamond the smell good plumber mandatory evacuations of been ordered for more than five thousand residents on the northeast shore of clear lake because of the one hundred. Fifty three thousand acre Mendocino complex fires it's now the largest fire burning in the state. And it's destroyed Eighty-eight homes and buildings apparently, together the, acreage totals Two hundred twenty nine thousand acres charred authorities are calling on residents in Glen and collusive counties now in northern California to. Evacuate their homes as a fire there is still growing Cal fire he. Said the evacuation order tonight the people who live in several. Parts of the counties including an area just east of the boundary of. Medicine or national forest in all areas west of bear valley road to highway twenty hot. Temperatures and low humidity are not helping firefighters, north of San Francisco in the reading. Area that's where a fire has destroyed more than a thousand homes it's, still burning out of control sheriff Tom Cinco says. The fire has burned almost one hundred forty one thousand acres but things are looking up a bit I'm glad to say that now the city of reading has all. The areas open it has been repopulated and. We're working in some, of those more difficult areas of the county to get people back in almost forty thousand people have been evacuated from their homes and that started nearly two weeks ago..

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