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We can't go by without dealing with Robert Francis. phony overwork. this is a sick man who not only doesn't understand the bill of rights in the constitution. but he doesn't want to. now here's what he said just a few months ago on March twenty nineteen caught one go now the only they are fifteen. continue to use it responsibly and safely I just don't think that we need to sell any more weapons of war. now last night cut to go high in fact high velocity round when it's her body shreds everything inside of your body because it was designed to do that so that you would believe so it is an automobile. under the cafe standards. people get decapitated. they get crushed they get maimed horribly so. you need the jaws of life to extract people out of these cars they're made of less and less stealing more more aluminum plastic and rubber. the beta right doesn't care about that kind of death because he never talks about that kind of death. go ahead I don't feel not be able to get up into one of our soldiers when we see that being used against children. NO does suck I met the mother of a fifteen year old girl who was shot by an A. R. fifteen and another washer bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shocked by the A. R. fifteen in Odessa and Midland there were no ambulances to get to them in time yes we're gonna take your A. R. fifteen your A. K. forty okay let's let's let's slow down. this is what's called demagoguery. he's not taking anybody's. A. R. R. A. K. A. he's not taking anybody. the police are going to take them nobody's gonna come into your house and take them they can't force you to sell them to the federal government none of that's going to happen. so despite all his VM invader all his bomb past. all his his drama. not a single thing he said. is going to happen. in less we lose our constitution altogether. which of course is always a possibility. so his solution is no solution whatsoever. does he ever talk about being tough on criminals. do you ever talk about securing the border. hello folks we can't stop illegal aliens from coming into this country thanks to the left and the Democrats the media let alone illegal weapons. the trash are cops when the cops are trying to deal with the gangs of the MS thirteen and all the others are doing most of the killing in this country. I don't remember the first time let alone the last time they were Rourke. after one of these horrible weakens in Chicago or Baltimore New York or having. has brought that up. and he's not going to bring it up. he's not going to bring it up. doesn't it doesn't advances narrative. Beto o'rourke is a dangerous fraud. cut three go just underline a will be voluntary won't be hell yes we'll come get you know. no it's it's not wrong I want to make sure that we make the distinction here it is mandatory it will be the law you will be required to comply with the law so I mean this sounds to me. very dictatorial too doesn't it two ladies and gentleman. sounds to me very muzzle Leni like very stolid like does not you ladies and gentlemen. this will be the law we will take your weapon. what about the constitution forget it. it's written by white slaveowners. white nationalists. forget it. yeah but they also wrote the first amendment in the fourth the fifth in these other men I don't care I'm Beto Robert Francis Rourke. I grew up rich I married into rich. now it's my turn to serve. this is a six to. you know he shows us when he's getting his teeth cleaned and all the rest. he hasn't shown us when he's got a colonoscopy that that was kind of like the the last straw if you will plastic straw I'll be right back. I have some news to share with all of you latest news is minutes.

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