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Mirko was delivering the keynote address at Harvard after receiving an honorary degree. The sixty four year old chancellor spoke about going up behind the Berlin Wall in east Germany. She was elected to lead Germany in two thousand five fewer Americans were signing contracts to buy homes in April. That's according to the national association of realtors group says it's pending home. Sales index fell one and a half percent last month. Stocks closed modestly higher today, the Dow gained forty three points and the session at twenty five thousand one sixty nine NASDAQ rose twenty points, this is NPR and the says KCRW it's Thursday may thirtieth, a very good afternoon to you leery parole. Here's what's happening at four zero four. The California state assembly has approved a Bill that would make it harder for students to cheat their way into public universities in the state. This comes as some big name, California schools, both public and private have been caught up in a nationwide. College admission scandal. KCRW Sherry Glaser the Bill called AB thirteen Eighty-three would prohibit the. The UC and Cal State university systems from giving special admission to students without getting approval from at least three college administrators. I the bill's sponsor democrat, Kevin McCarthy tells the LA times that right now students can be accepted with the approval of just one administrator and he says, that's led to the cases of parents working with consultants to pay off people and get their children into elite schools. You see leaders say that in recent years, less than two percent of their students have been exempted from admission standards, the count state system, says just one percent of its students were admitted last year by exception athletes year. Sherry Glaser reporting, a former UCLA offensive tackle is suing university of California. Regents, former UCLA football coach Jim Mora and some former coaching and training, staff Zachary Bateman says he filed suit Wednesday because of foot injuries. He says he got while playing for the Bruins in two thousand fifteen through seventeen he alleges negligence including emotional distress hiring and retention. He says he told the coaching staff he had severe pain in his right foot. But they told him to quote, man. In up and play through it. He says coaches later, ridiculed and insulted him, every time he asked for treatment, and an X Ray, he says, coaches enters insisted it was just a sprain. But an MRI Bateman allegedly had done outside the school revealed he had two breaks to his right foot and the Michelin guide to the world's best restaurants. Now includes more of California than just the bay area. New list out honoring more, forcible dining destinations from.

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