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So I took one of the American class project repairing home. So now we have central educators already eight years old, I think going another 17 years old. Oh, it's not too late or winners films. He specialized in between alternative about to keep them going as part of who we are online called 23 go first quarter fights and had the first session You have your impression on the field. That is definitely an issue. You can barely figure something. I'm looking for. Texas officer Really getting pushed out department found noise try to lock on to what we need to do to move the ball forward. This week, right into the noise. Too much offensive line record one except tapping Jake majors. He's the one that was back in the garden ready, so there's going to be choreographed here in this account offense. Longer possession, looking for just 25 yard line started checking the opposition from 36. What football markets will pick up the one down on the getaway Contacted. You talked about the battle the line of scrimmage. Both sides. Defense certainly won the first possession. Texas defensive under that 116 winning a battle on that. Favorable along the short side of the license, like left 11 for the garden pushed down 10 part sending degree motion between about 30 33 34 Yard line Market three Carry before Congress can wrap it up. No different looking back on the right side picking up just to get the cheapest move little second down to 33 parts first, and I'm sorry that happened in the first position regarding this case was a guard. 30. Two yards. That was 34 31 left, unloved figure my life getting slapped with boundary toward third defendant Second. Let's look for the reason that the ball count pressure coming for 27 yard line in recent Max protection has lost five. He said It was too many bedrooms. Nothing was quick enough. Party football Park protectors, bro Travis Cavalier is that from his water Lake Travis teammate High kidney briefing on the 3 37 44 yards in return 70 yards on the Arkansas Simply healthcare. Tell John your best business here. If your support for that we say thank you. Thanks for taking care of us. Thanks for compassion. Thank you for the food. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you for giving us your best suborbital care. The best is here. Texas Monthly barbecue bed is back this year, taking it on the road and real time and to your barbecue. Best tradition events in Tyler Brown build. Plus one of your project is Speaker Special menu and is now 32 weeks together on sale now for the event so proud of, and it had over the last few best That's next month's conference. Last M V P Michael Turner Field Network studio. This one star resort studio couple checks on the big 12 denial, asserting themselves now because their rivals from Iowa State 27 dinner early on in the fourth quarter was very much of other games just underweight called Carolina 17 Release. Texas, 77, noting can stay on top of 77 Texas Tech, which even have also I scored seven all the teams in first quarter action. One other adjustments hangs on his gal 34 to 31 appears treat around downs and all, too. On the season with Roger and seven conference with every order, 100% guaranteed itself up. And what is her name? Gregor. Jim 1000, Texas Football. Eric Clapton, Rock and Roll was interviewed twice center on Sunday, October, 24 sockets off for third position. Three batches, operate Sidelights Matthews sequence for every child and change the night between that Is it supposed to him that goes for that living linebacker. His got caught in the ground, and he's gotta move your feet because there's a smaller guy only that's the only way to get to him. Thanks very well. From 37 Yard line. Smith also the right side of it in terms of the two receivers, right, respectively. Unborn, nearest the memory in a slightly more interesting doesn't look at Jefferson relate the instruction in the gun lock and then, fortunately, wrapping him up in Texas standing open field tackle that yard. The documents back about 6 41 Jefferson sent her dying husband, Emotional right Electric swept his weapon to the hospital. They let the game if there is anything at all about a half yard. It's just cross the third down right now look finding prefer the second procedure right back again. Henderson equipment before 50 yards. Crocodile at all with the edge with respect for 73 4 yard line, Jefferson Rolling Russian Middle wide open knowledge is incomplete, and that is definitely a good that is lower at £245 do their freshman Royse City wide receivers Reverse Thompson from southern Florida. Hillary 2nd and 10 Yard line for Arkansas first pulls it back in looking through the left side. To catch Right before he won at our line was Thompson that only works with regards outside down seven under success rate for food down, picked up markets on all of our lives. Three receivers right most acceptable left side the left side of his head off Sanders first now, but they would drive for before the game. Go to the most recent artistic over. We're going to have people now. Those islands three receivers. To build up out of that. Fantastic. All right, three count and Kevin Stewart was forced out there trying to get him his ankles and shins with 42 a half before 35 on the first. No score on the move. 24 1st half 50% longer again. Gold. That's just barely inside the Martin. First of all our divine intervention that was out of the Jefferson first goal. Jefferson goes down at the end of just Hanson 40 yard loss. Josh Thompson was going all the way look like Jefferson sought and received the funds to do it just barely inside the Texas 12% of the college second harvest all the time. And look for the next Shocking. Here's outsiders came to us, and he'll go down Hundreds of reports about three tracks. Three receivers bunched up slightly split. Peter Jackson, Go look at Brooks Wilson, the first draft records cooler. Drove me down to the defense, of course. Well, apparently a lot of Jefferson a lot of white jerseys going back out there and keep everything underneath. Can't little is a fresh start for high school. We had a three quarter last week. 23 yards off the left half rebounds. Hold field goal is up and transferred to three. Go here first Winter just last week, the only field last week does not in the Red Zone. Arkansas more success on offense Early on C. Jefferson look more comfortable. They like the quits up, which, ever since I was going to be back in the market at that time they put together this office has to figure something out with the defendant. After 57 years, 12 plays on drive to school in Texas and two of the first quarter this network From living..

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