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People want to read about data science. Maybe you can also share that. Sir So, if Google. Medium. Dot Com essence tech that will be where you will find our tech blog. It's now. Hit lease, fifty articles. Many of them by engineers, but also by many of our. Scientists team members including myself. And for professional contact I'd say linked in is the best option so creating Snyder's will should be the very first thing that shows up in Lincoln. I will share both links. On the notes page of the episode great and I had a really great time talking with you, your story super interesting. Thank you so much for giving me time and. And for for telling your story I think it's an inspiring one. I think it's it's very. It's very sensitive of what people can expect today and again thank you for. Being kind of the the window on what being a data scientists is and how you can access the that that space, so yeah, thank you, thank you for having. Come on on Papa Peachy. Just WanNa take a moment to let you know that you can help me and the show by leaving star rating.

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