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Everything that needed to happen. Not just for the funeral of all finances and the husband had really ronald the finances and she didn't know wear two term. As far as pulling together she had worked for twenty five years because he was a stay at home. Mom who owns builder girls. She didn't do with fortunately for her. I have a client that's nearby. Who wrote a book on retirement. And so i got a copy of the book. I read this first. Then we'll talk about as though she read his book and started to understand what was going on. Then we had zoom call with and then we went to me then. I handed her his second book. And rune that crosses. She was able to not only understand the the concepts of retirement income but she got to bond with that financial advisor through the stories that he shared in his book and she became comfortable to different financial adviser. You know do our due diligence and we walked out of two or three meetings of that with that person. Just not feeling. Good shoes infusing. You didn't have a book. That's that's the point but with with my clients and my what i call her my widow. 'cause i'm still walking through this process. She was able to feel comfortable and the cause of that book with my client row and sheathing cotton bowl with him. She is now in a place. She has guaranteed income for the rest of her life. She has no worries about ever running out of money. Her financial situation is set. That's the kind of different for making eagles. Multiply that by thousand. Different stories of our client handed their book to somebody. Clarified an issue and help them accomplish what they needed to accomplish. One or two. That's the impacted will really making Yeah that that's massive really message. Now you know you touched on a couple of points there in that story about that hint at your process because it's not just about writing a book and and then saying whoa i wrote the boucaud net omni expert on that right. There's a whole system behind that there's a whole strategy behind that. Can you describe it at a very high level what you know what the strategy is behind that. So it's not just writing the book. What where do you start. What are some of the key aspects over your process and had heck only contact that onboard. Sure sure what it starts. All the way the beginning when i tell my prospects i would tell you you're never writable. In the reason. I say that is the writing process physical typing out on the new jersey terrible way to write the cause of the self editing. That takes place you will. And i've done this hype pinson's or two and you're like oh no that's not bag zips and you never get anywhere. It's frustrating insert. And that's how. I wrote my first book way back in twenty thirteen. Then i still use today but after that process and created our company to help Visit business are create their own book. We created a seek to write process. So you're going to use it. I'm gonna I'd like to create a book. Michael and i. I wanna do it. How how would i go about doing it. I would counsel you to use the detaille function in microsoft worden or in google documents and build an outline for your book. I chat what chapters are going to be talking about..

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