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Price sold luxury home and our Valley right now is 1.94 million for those homes priced over a million dollars, with average days on market 87 Since the first of the year, we've had 2122 luxury homes close escrow, the highest price luxury home in Harlem, MLS that closed since the first of the year. $21 million. So this is remarkable. And here's why this is so remarkable. So, Vicky, you gave the year to date number off the homes that have closed in our Arizona regional MLS. And you said that there were 2122 homes that have closed over a million dollars since January. 2021 correct CORRECT. Here's why this is absolutely remarkable, Josh because if you look at 2020, all right, just a mirror. I'm gonna have six months ago we saw in all of 2020 right around 1800 houses a million dollars or more close. So that was for the entire year of 2020 and Vicky. Your report just said that year to date we already have over 2100 that have closed. So so, folks. Here's where we are. We're in a raging seller's market. We know that that market under a million and Vicky's going to give that report a little later in our show. We know that under a million dollar market, Josh is lightning fast. But Vicky our data also shows in. Our research is also showing that that high end market is moving very, very fast. So the moral of this story is and sellers perk up your ears or would be sellers. When I say this If you've got a unique property if you've got a property that's a little bit different. If you've got a property that maybe you think the buyer pool from my property isn't as great As your typical cayenne custom home. You need to think about this. Pick up the phone and call me Carol Royce for aid. Oh, 7765231, Because Vicky Now, today is the time to get your home on the market to maximize your equity. That's right. It's so important and it doesn't matter if you're in the luxury market. Or if you're you know. Ah, $500,000 home a $300,000 home A $700,000 home. Now is the time. We don't know how long pricing will sustain for doing what it's doing. We can We know what today is doing. Maybe 30 60 90 days, But after that, it's really hard to time. The market and say, Is this market gonna keep going like this? Or is it gonna correct at some point we do know Overtime. What might what goes up must come down. Absolutely So right now we're in this raging seller's market. And, hey, if you are just tuning in, I want to say welcome. This is a radio show that we do every weekend. It is Carol Royce, Vicki voice, Middlebrook and Josh Collum were with Keller Williams will to East Valley but, boy, don't you let that East Valley scare you away? Because we are your Valley wide team and Josh, we know that we're in a furious seller's market all across price points. Yeah, we are one thing I want to mention it. I mean, we sell houses and all conditions of stages. So I mean, if your goal was to maximize your equity than we're here to help, And if you If it requires some vendors and maybe some updating. We can tell you what will or won't give you a return on your money. However, if you do have a house that maybe is a little more lived in or loved or dated. I mean, again. Now is the time while the iron is hot. Absolutely so since we're talking luxury just a minute ago, Right? Let's talk about a hot, awesome property that we have on the market. Carol, this is over in the South Tempe area. It's on Dorsey Lane in Tempe. Just under 1.5 million, But this house has a basement. It has a large lot. It has, you know, 5000 square feet, and it is an awesome home with newer courts counters in the kitchen. It's a beautiful house and Vicky, I will say we've got Paradise Valley just under three million that we're getting ready to launch and will be launching that soon. So if on the on the golf course and beautiful mountain views a we've we've got several. We've got one another one in Paradise Valley that we're getting ready to lunch just under four million, and Vicky and Josh, I must say to you Congratulations because when you gave your luxury port Vicky and you talked about how many high end homes have closed, I've got to say kudos to YouTube because I believe that six or seven of those are your sales. Oh, yeah. Just recently here. Absolutely so again. This is Carol Raisin, Vicki Voice Middlebrook and Josh Collum. We're here with you every every weekend talking about our local Arizona real estate market, and Josh were hyper local meaning. We're only going to talk to you about Maricopa and Panella counties because that's where we That's where we were. That's where we specialize. Yeah, I mean, here in there, we might mention what we see out there on a national level. But really, what it comes down to is what's going down on our actual market. And what we're hearing with, say, lending or this or that. I mean, we're here to give you the updated actual stats. So, yeah, so, so that's absolutely great. So again, if you'd like to talk to us about our look about your property, let's make this personal. Vicky. If you've got a home that you're thinking of getting on the market, you really do owe it to yourself to give me a phone call and how they reach me. You gonna pick up the phone and you're gonna call 480776 50 to 31. That's 480776 50 to 31. Or you can always go to our website. Carol has the virus dot com. That's Carol Has the buyers calm When we.

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