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That would you do that for why did you do that any goes uh wow you know last week you're okay now that i married it's yeah and so you know john and god bless him he's been in love with the ever send yeah they have a wonderful marriage now eggs and and that's that's why i have a lot of respect for guy like him i really do and when i said i go how was in history in high school she said and he's about a musician i thought that those at it i was actually funny as i said i go you know i've some income with you i married my high school sweetheart as well and were married in a very long time and the main reason is because remember that part when you say death do us part and my wife would carry out that now by ally have wiped jokes on research hello bruce springsteen david bruce got bruce on and on tuesday night last night a dedicated the show to fellow rocker tom petty all right well yes yeah who passed the mother yeah what do you think of tom petty i he tom petty is you know everything i've ever heard from everything i've ever seen from him the man is the answer in this of their infosys thank you of just a class words 'and i'm trying here he's just a really good musician music to me and to him to is just he knows the purest form of magic it brings out emotions and at any emotion sadness anger now happiness and there's no tricked behind it really just uh soybeans tom petty and you saw him live weeks before just weeks before he to really really excellent digitally hem in joe walsh on this heart attack was a complete surprise me you know the they heard the nine one one call this morning and the way was just like he's not breathing i don't know what's going on here oh yeah just a shock and that happens you know you can be walking around feeling fine i know some of that happened to the feeling fine nothing's wrong and all of a sudden they're in the hospital getting open heart surgery in other personal us and we watch it really and years ago well yeah i was fine work around five and i ran upstairs from.

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