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That the newest problem in santa rosa 101 southbound before todd crash car ars looks like the reveal the shoulder already though and the nimitz freeway in oakland it heavy southbound south the sixty barca dear old crash and that would acidity of the left lane and also in oakland and 24 westbound at college crash there baybridge backup on 580 back to highway 24 joe mcconnell for kqed brought to you on kqed by mothers against drunk driving this is the california report good morning i'm john sepulvado we begin in sacramento governor jerry brown on thursday set have perhaps the biggest confrontation yet between california and president donald trump when he signed a bill that will make california a socalled sanctuary state kqed's marisa lagos reports the new law has been a priority have democrats led by senate president kevin daily own since trump's election last year daily on lashed out at the president thursday as he celebrated brown signature california is building a wall a wall of justice against president trump's xenophobic racists and ignorance immigration policies senate bill 54 will build on protections california already offers undocumented immigrants by severely limiting when local police can work with immigration and customs enforcement after amendments demanded by the governor the law stopped short of an allout ban on cooperating with ice but it does bar local jails from holding some one at the request of immigration agents and it only allows police to tell ice when someone is going to be released from jail if that person has been convicted of a serious crime in the past 15 years police reaction has been mixed with some groups supporting the law and others including sheriff's critical trump has moved to cut off federal law enforcement funds from cities was sanctuary policies and his administration slammed the new law thursday white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders had this to say i hope that california will push back on their governors i think irresponsible decision move a justice department official told kqed the law undermines public safety and national security for the california report i'm marie salah us belly killings have their home opener last night against the philadelphia flyers normally the start of hockey season is a party but molly peterson reports that the normal pomp that comes with the first drop.

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