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Of us not just healthcare professionals is the best way to prevent the flu and the other other illnesses from occurring wearing mask if you have to during flu season especially if you're on the airplane i have no problem way amassed on an airplane and then you also go the other problem schwere you've got the people have to start washing their hands in washing them better i really believe that a being careful not put your hands your mouth your eyes that type of thing right that definitely a right and uh so i think the basic principles of a handwashing of i'm your team of being cognizant of people around use that are these things uh wearing a mask if you're on a plane and someone that is caving like being asked to be moved i've been asked to be moved before um and asking your health care professionals when they come in the room it's okay to say you know would you wind washing their hands i know you're busy uh but uh you know i've read dr grows book we we have sticky hands that have organisms off small stethoscope take a little parrella rather brought mellberg there's something right that's exactly right don't be afraid to ask healthcare professionals and also back on norovirus you know one of the reasons has studies norovirus is we we don't have a good model um so it's hard to grow nor of ever since that when we try to test ways to kill us we don't have a good way to study and so we had the eu's motto viruses that were like norovirus well uh at north carolina state university's uh there is some research being done on a new bottles that is very much just like the actual organism so i hope in the future this breakthrough is going to help us get a better answer for norovirus than things that will kill us muslims the other thing that we're having some problems with we've got a lot of.

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