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He started in a small town in texas worked as hats off to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. We're going to take care of business tonight. And that's the bottom line and now he's dominating the world of on demand audio uh-huh and he's doing it for the working man. This is a damn good outlook for miniscule the bullshit off my brain. This is steve austin on the league sleet to another classic still steve austin show every week. We're bringing out some of the most requested episodes of the podcast from behind the archives. We have another great in for you this week and here's my producer shown to tell you all about it. Hello and welcome to another classic episode of steve austin. Show it is producer. Sean with another great episode of the podcast is that you may not have heard the first time around but here it is for your listening pleasure. It is episode number one twelve the return of gabriel iglesias original air date made. I i two thousand fourteen. This episode does feature comedian superstar worldwide superstar gabriel iglesias on the podcast. I believe it is his second time. As a guest on steve austin show <hes> he appeared on a much earlier episode as one of the things was single double digits suggests that he was on and he show up a little bit later but this is the second time he's on he is <hes> with fellow comedian jerry rocha as they hang out with steve at three seventeen gimmick street to talk about a whole lot of things is the wild episode and definitely was up to the unleashed moniker of the podcast so but the kids the bed <hes> <hes> if you don't want them to hear every single dirty word in the book but yeah gabriel jerry steve they have a crazy time talking about wrestlemainia thirty wrestlemania thirty just happened a month prior to this so they <hes> do talk a little bit about that as well as some fantasy booking. They have some fun putting together. Some <hes> would be scenarios also talking about john sina vices k. fehb fluffy as he is also known as a gabriel iglesias cut a promo on c. M. punk at fluffy does give his ideal w._b._z. Opponent that he <hes> wishes to square off against so we'll have to stick around and through the episode for that answer and they also give steve a lot of crap for not properly recording the podcast i believe is was the episode prior briar that gabriel was on and him and his crew hung out with stephen steve forgot the press record for the majority of it and so they had a record a bunch of it so i bet that was a lot of fun for everybody on site but yeah they do give steve a lot a lot of flack for that so good times all around also you're gonna dig gabriel real as a guest coming up on this coming tuesday's episode of straight up steve austin steve mentioned that on the tuesday show and he just had the man becky lynn sean with a quick the ending to the episode if you haven't seen online yet but gabriel iglesias will be a guest i believe this coming week and if this episode an indication of the report that steve and gabriel have you guys will be in for treatment so because dig it all right this steve austin history. I don't have a lot to report today. Being a september ever fifth but stuff i do report pretty wild first office start off in nineteen ninety-one for w._c._w. In augusta georgia it's clash of the champions sixteen sixteen has a remote rural properly <hes> yes sixteen fall brawl. This is the o._g..

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