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Haven't received the last Didn't list package $600. Is there any way any place I can call to see what's happening? Yes, As far as I know, you should have already received a lot of people who already have and has been situations, though that have come up where people some recent didn't get processed, right? On the IRS website, iris dot gov. There's a button at the top of the website for people who think they may have missed their check or their statements very clearly marked your pride put into basic information, and it'll tell you what the current status is of your initial $600. Yeah, I mean, we had a lot of questions initially. Then when the package 1st 1st came together, we did days and days and days helping people through that, But right now, the best places, Logan said, is to go to the Irish website and hit that. Yeah, they start to figure it out a little. Take some time. All right, I'll take it and I actually think the rollout of both rounds of that stimulus was actually pretty pretty well done. But you're right. If you do think you're over Ms Logan's correct buttons at the top of the iris website, and by the way, if you were overlooked, they are re issuing those. So it's not like it's just gone. I would definitely encourage them to fill out that that information and check on their status very important with them just said it's not like the P P p money. The payroll protection plan money for the businesses. That, you know, they reached the max on that. And that was it. This is money that you're entitled to under the law. If you didn't get it for an administrative reason, which is what it is. Then they will reissue the check to the appropriate account so that you get it now, is there Peopie Peep rejection? In these bills for businesses. There is Paycheck protection program money in the Republican offer. There is not new money inside the Biden administration package. So again, that's one of the things that you're gonna have to be worked out. I think it is, too J. But I think that needs that needs to be one of the conversations tonight Because I will tell you there is common ground to find here. If they want to talk to each other. We'll find out tonight if they want to talk to you. I mean, look. The small businesses in this country are the backbone of America. That's how people make a living. That's how people feed their families. There's a fundamental see. And this is that we concerns me here. Why would the Democrats not include A plan for P P p protection payroll Space payroll plan protection to protect payrolls for businesses, so they get loans that if they keep people employed They're discharged the ideas. You keep your people on payroll businesses of right, which is very difficult for a lot of small business. Tens of thousands of closed up why in the world would the Democrats not have that in there? And here's the reason I think I think it's because they'd rather have a direct and by the way, the Republican plan has both payroll protection in it and direct payments. But I think the Democrats want and the a direct payment, so everything comes from the government and the small businesses. They don't really care so much about. Well, Isn't that the standard practice in the Democratic Party? J. I mean, the whole idea of the party is for government handouts to individual people and failing to recognize what you said. And that is that businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of America. We are in their nation of small businesses. Really, but the Democrats make you do give you the money directly so that you could be a whole be beholden to the government and say Yes, I got my check from the government. But what about the small business who employs five and eight and 10 and 20 people? What about them? You're forgetting them. You're making the individual beholden to the government. And you're not really supporting and propping up the small business. Is there nothing fam animals? Sure. We haven't overlooked something that is there anything in the Republican, the Democratic plan that protects small businesses. Well, there's additional federal unemployment insurance protection, so I don't believe J. There is new money for paycheck protection. Concurrent confirm that for sure, but it's definitely not one of the things they're highlighting. Let's check that out because I think that is one of the I mean the Republicans going down there. That's How about instead of $350 billion toe?.

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