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Called for the world yes it isn't half bad she was just it was decent minority report was really good and what is right about that okay this two thousand five movie it's tagline wise hide your bridesmaids two thousand five hide your bridesmaid bridesmaids yeah north with nothing to do the bridesmaids is not in the title they hang over hang over no no the wedding crashers boy we have not seen butterscotch stallion and Vince Vaughn just short so curb your enthusiasm as did Jon Hamm it's been really good to see what else with Jon Hamm was playing a character who was in a play or a movie like it Larry David he was shadowing him and becoming him and that was the whole thing was probably David felt this one restaurant he goes to put the ugly people in one section in the beautiful people on the others he's really been on fire this season it is good as far as one he played boxer Jim Braddock in Cinderella man whose lives at a because I said who is Russell Crowe that's true I'm trying to play the game you just go over her all I eat it doesn't acknowledge use masters in me and I urge you to do is a question that should be that should be like when your little rule things if I could try I know but Danny Morrissey Sir is serious and stern with his okay so what you're saying is if you yell out an answer and it's the right answer but none of the former question it doesn't count unless you don't answer it that way because there's so many so many rules yeah what made you monopoly crazy eights right at eight seven if it's my my hand is your next move the question lost in translation took place in this don't care what is Tokyo no worries what is China world what Julian yelled out the answer which is and where is to be but I don't know who to give the point to zari fine she is did I did really said it technically correct you do because you don't know Tokyo wow okay specific numbers yeah but that was for the whole new I know is reeled in Tokyo yes I get here not out in the bucolic countryside idyll or okay Sala I'm sure Japanese chap staff you live down a real G. Juliet yeah you got a point here in this country I found some better you this movie was but it was based on the life of NFL player Michael oher what is the can catch line.

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