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Years of all these great spring and summer nights that have been filled with voice of Marty Brennaman. I would suggest to you and tell me if you believe that I'm right? I I know I am, but I just wanted confirmation from you. Isn't it? The best thing in the world. And I've always thought this in my career in radio and broadcasting to go out when you want to go out, and and being able to pick and choose your moment. Marty Brennaman did that today with Bill Cunningham earlier, and obviously it's been the buzz all day long. But don't you agree with me? Isn't that a true measure of how great you really are? Because you get to choose when you exit the stage not anybody else. Absolutely. I mean, you know, let's face it. Marty Brennaman tonight. Kearns cincinnati. And he's somebody that people like you, and I have spent our entire time in Cincinnati listening to. I mean, I remember now Michaels was the announcer. And then Marty Brennaman came at a perfect time for the reds winning ways. But I listened to Willie today, and I listened to the news interview. But it is awesome. It he gets to go out. And you know, I think it's a fair statement. It's been scali one and Marty Brennaman number two. I mean, let's face it. The reds have been not very great lately. And you know, but but yet Cincinnati stays a baseball town read through every year with opening day and everything else that you know, Iran's are bigger in this town in the Bengals and always will. But I you know, it's been it's been some rough sledding here lately. But at the same time, I'm probably somebody like most everyone else, I would still tune into rows driving in the game was on still tune in just to see what Marty was talking to Jeff rally about you know, what he had to say. And he did his best to make it entertaining. I don't know if this was discussed today, but I do wonder. Yep. The bad years that we've had three in a row have changed anything. I heard you make a comment about Johnny bench one day. Decided man I'm tired of losing day. He did make the comment. I don't know if it was conscious or not. But I do wonder if that plays a factor into this thing too. I mean, how fun can it be calling those? Well, he makes it fun. But you know, let's face it winning changes everything, but he's an icon in directly answer your question. I mean, it's it's great that he's taking the time to go out because chances are very very good. And it's been this case in the past for me personally is they tell you when to go almost always fry for you to be that guy to say, you know, what I'm making the announcement. You're not making the announcement. It's not like I'm on the air one day. And then I'm not on the air the next day. It's like, I'll tell you. When my time on the stage is done and. That is a true tribute. And a sign of the greatness of Marty Brennan because he had that power that leverage. And I think that's crazy. I think it's. And I think I think he has that power because he is an icon because he's so great, exactly. And and the reason why he became an icon is because he's so good at what he's does. I mean, you know, it's not, you know, Marty Brennaman is a combination my opinion of a voice and a style. And it's a combination of those two things in his substance to he knows baseball. Oh, yeah. You said that because I was gonna add that on but go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, it's it's it's a combination of the substance of oyster and the style. I mean, let's face it by one of the reasons why I like Marty Brennaman is bought nece. Now, imagine why would make you like that. I mean, I mean, I I can relate to a guy who you know, he there's no BS about mardi gras. No he cuts to the chase real quick pulled up. Right. So I I really liked it. You know, you're thinking about art. Thing is a sense of humor. I mean, he's got a great sense of humor still has obviously a great sense of humor. And some of the things is good nature. Like, I love mardi and Tracy on baseball. I mean, I love that. You know that the sarcasm the dry with the humor, you know. I mean, it's just it's just really funny. I mean, I I think Marty's funny to oh. The guy's hilarious, and I mentioned earlier tonight on the program bulldog that. I have Marnie was the first guest on this show. When I started doing the nightcap in October of twenty twenty seventeen he was my first guest. And as I started a second season of it. They allowed me to do that. Because I'm not going to have the option of saying what I wanna go. I I already know this. He he was my first guest is I started the new season of this. And you can talk to Marty Brennaman about anything. It doesn't have to be about baseball or sports your basketball. You can talk to him about literally anything, and he's got a coherent. Great answer for you. No matter what you ask it. Well, that's another thing. You know, he pays attention to the world. I mean, he he he's capable of making a comment upon music movies. Oh, anything he comments about e commerce. I I I'm not close to Marty Brennaman. I've only met him a couple of time. The first time I met him when I was working there at wwl w and I was in the visitor's chair on Willie show, and he came in and he made a smart Aleck comments made.

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