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Some make your water sizable enough to count, but not so big that it's out of proportion to where you're placing it very key, and you'll know that by your eyes so I can't give you really rule of thumb, but you. You'll know for instance. There's a in my mother's neighborhood. When I draw into drive into her neighborhood. There's a house. And, IT'S A. I would say an average average home in the United States and There have a enormous fountain. It's really a fountain that would be much more suitable for a grand five thousand six thousand square foot house, and it just dominates the front of this this home and it always looks sized and they. It seems like it doesn't work very well. Because sometimes it's on. Sometimes, it's not on. But it just dominates this home and it. Justice doesn't do anything for it other than to look odd an out of proportion, and if you have a fountain or a water feature like that or swimming pool, then that's going to actually draw some negativity toward you. We don't want that so very important that you keep that that size in that proportion now we also want to make sure that. That, you place your water well, and besides at the front of the House. What else can you do because some you know? Some people can't have water at the front of their house. It just the way it works out in terms of their landscaping, or there's the way it looks. Maybe it's a homeowner. Association Says No. You can't do this and you have to approval for whatever you do. I totally understand that the you know we can't always have a functionary perfect house, and much as my I might like. It's true for me, too. So what else can you do well? Let's let's talk about having water on. It's important that you place it well, so let's just talk about if you can have water. At the front of the House it would be good if you could have the water on the left hand side of the door. That is as you're standing in the door. Looking out toward the street. There's a water fountain to your left or some type of water, feature, or fall or something like that. have it to your left as you're standing in your door. Looking out to the street water features that are placed on the right of the front door. King attract predatory females. So if you have a for instance you're in you, have your marriage in. You have some concerns about some infidelity particularly for a husband. Then when you have water on the right, it can cause potential for wandering now if you're not worried about that whatsoever you can in in this would be a good placement for your for your fountain. In terms of the way look and and the way it would be size than you can place it. There I, don't I? Don't subscribe to that belief that if you have water at the front of Your House on the right side. That's you're standing in the door looking out. It's on your right I don't subscribe to the belief that you're absolutely going to have. Your marriage fall apart I in fact I've had water on the right side of my house many times, and that has not been a problem whatsoever in a punctuate friend of mine. She's done the same thing. It just depends on your relationship, but that's that's been a an old wives tale with funkaway for a long time. Now another thing you might WanNa. Think about is adding some kind of a water feature in your living room or your Home Office and also in the wealth corner the southeast, because this really benefits by having water there in the wealth corner is is symbolized by this small leaf for a leaf of a blade of grass. Is that small thing that we want to grow grow grow because that's what we WANNA do with our money, right? We start out small, and we want to grow grow grow, and having that water found. Found in the southeast corner of your home or your living room is a great way to help attract more assets to your life, and to gain more more money and to grow your investments. We want to see them grow, and so this is a really nice place to place it. The other place where you can place water is the southwest corner. This brings prosperity to the woman and to the family. It's a really powerful way to add wonderful energy your home, and to your relationship and to make a profitable Or relationship, and especially, if a woman if you'RE A. Single mom and you want to really add some extra some extra security to your income at a little more opportunity for growing your income. Really Nice way is to add some kind of water feature in the southwest corner, and this is good for all homes the east. Of course this is a good corner for growth for health for family relationships. It's a would sector and it is. So happy to have water there. It's like a big tree. That's how we symbolize. The East is a big tree, and what a trees love lots and lots of water, so it's a really nice place to put that, and if you WANNA put that put a water feature in the east corner of your home, your living room or in your garden. It's a really nice place, my four, and then lastly the the water sector is the north, and that is the sector of income that's because we want income to be continuous and flowing like a river right, and it doesn't dry up. It's not just a stagnant pond that will dry. Dry Up that kind of thing, we want to make sure that we have this nice smooth constant flowing income, and a way that you can stimulate dot is in putting a waterfall I, really like waterfalls in particular waterfalls that have you know that movement and three have three falls, or six falls really auspicious it adds extra beneficial energy to your water feature when you have either three or six falls and it it stimulates your career Your Business.

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