North Korea, News Agency, Russian State Duma Committee discussed on The Phil Valentine Show


Another launch of a missile but this time with a longer ranger he was part of a russian delegation which made an official visit to north korea this week to discuss bilateral cooperation with the russian ambassador to north korea the englishlanguage state run sputnik news agency was reporting more resolve who was a member of the russian state duma committee on international fears as called for a prompt intervention and the situation on the korean peninsula drew a new war and earlier this week young so glee the deputy assistant director of the cia's korea mission center reveal the north korea's latest provocation could come on tuesday when it celebrates the founding of the workers party of korea many pass nuclear or missile test of coincided with mass public celebration so we'll have to wait and see it could coincide with japan's lower house election campaigns than the columbus day holiday in the us given the time difference it would be monday in the us if a missile or nuclear test occurs in north korea on tuesday morning so it would be columbus data us and what is this some world workers they are workers party of korea day whatever this comey thing is that guy going on over there so we'll have to wait and see and we have to wait and see if we're going to shoot this thing down that's what i'm wanted to see you've been following the harvey weinstein sexual harassment thing this is the guy you've heard of before who is who is this guy you've heard a miramax films let's harvey i mean they did uh did they do pulp fiction i know they did uh sex lies in videotape they did the as several of the movies like that anyway apparently allegedly this guy has been sexually harassing women in at work for decades and one of those other saying that that he sexually harassed her and was ashley judd liu said like a couple of decades ago she was having a meeting with them and she was said to his hotel room or something any immeasurable the wearing of bathrobe and wanted to uh wanted to give her a massage and then ask her if she would watch him while he took a shower and.

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