Cerrone, African National Congress, Executive discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing


In a says that really cerrone pozza the new leader of the african national congress has put his reputation on the line by saying that it's today we're going to have a decision it will happen and jacob zuma is gonna step dumb not the the problem really is that he can only go so far with this he has a very divided party of and this is reflected in what's happened in the last few days because there was a meeting of the national executive which is the law this body you about eighty six people plus the top six in the party and they batted back and then there was a meeting of the top six and there was a national meeting the national weather can committee nobody wants to take the decisions have find findings come back to the national executive which has the authority to act between conferences it's the supreme body of the african national congress and they really really have to meet and decide now so it's now about to a crock south african time they be meeting or ready for a couple of hours what he some of the leadership have and they have to come down with a decision otherwise you'll run first it will be a dead duck with this is why wants to rescue because round proser looks potentially a week he sort of suggested that the failure of zuma to just sort of go cleanly is causing discord but at one wonders what what zuma makes of that nichols he still not technically obligated to go or can he be got rid of today depending on what the the verdict is a copy got rid of today he can be asked by the african national congress or redeployed as the inc owes puts it to another post in other was just retired up but he has to accept it the the body that can actually forced him out is the parliament will national assembly in the south african jargon and that can either have a vote of noconfidence which is simple simplemajority all of the mps in parliament or it can be.

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