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Welcome to the show notes. Let's try this again. Sarah's up there you go. Yes. So since you brought up ticks away. I must be like one of the only people that can't eat the Chick-fil-A, sandwiches that are bread. And I and I looked it up one time on their website to try and figure out what ingredient in it bothers my stomach. What is it? And I still don't know. This is not something that bothers me thought I might mention that. Everything in the world bothers my stomach, but Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Do not American cheese. No pickle its way to go. Get two of them longoria, Catherine or Katherine or Catherine. I don't know how to pronounce your name. What's your name? Katherine Katherine, welcome to the show. How are you? I'm good. Chick-fil-a by the way. Okay. So the club grilled chicken sandwich. That's your that. Go to yes. Doubted that in the chicken tortilla soup, but the sandwich it has has like holy cheese. It has episode bacon. It's really. Yeah. I've gotten that without the bacon since pork any more. It's good. Bye. Put mayo on it, or I guess Chick-fil-A Sasa worked there wells is a good substitute cans and done. What he can what do you have? Hey, mark. Thanks for taking my call. My pleasure, buddy. Yeah. I think I wanted to touch on why the prize or the number one selling item. And I think that's because it everyone gets fries with their meal. So whether combo meal. You know, you're getting combo meal of all different kinds. He, but I don't do that. I I've a shoe the the waffle fries most times and get two sandwiches instead because of all that explains my ever burgeoning waistline. But yeah. There's some validity to that. But that's why soft drinks and number two because everyone gets the combo. I I just I don't know. I'm I'm fine with the waffle fries there. But I just don't go there for the waffle fries. Mike's in Swannee. What's up? Mike. What's going on buddy? Good shifting sale. Which almost forget about it is that still coffee milkshakes. You get all the milkshakes. Phenomenal to RB's to. Yeah. The peach shake at is. So good limited time offer better than the peach tea the peach cider yesterday. Let's do SARS show longoria. All right right now..

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