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No more and i really thought a lot of people thought that you know that would be Maybe the trip to the world series in four and then maybe an omar would remain and who knows what after that In terms of his legacy in chicago but it wasn't meant to be Nothing against him. Nothing against me a hand. They live down the street from that golf course. I was standing But what just a horrible end of that year in two thousand four despite that though it was really cool to be excited about acquiring nomar garciaparra and i love the trivia that he got a soup he got a world series ring for that red sox like i lived in new york when that when that happened i was a bunch of yankees fans probably actually joined us as many red sox fan like. I think it's worth noting. This is a little bit of a disappointment. The cardinals and cubs met in in two thousand. Fifteen in the lds. But they've never had a series like that like what the yankees and red sox had an oath three and four. We're really just felt like not just world series on the line but like just the identity of a whole region was on the line in those two years. So i remember that garciaparra trade and it's funny. If you go back and actually read. I read a piece about this a while back if you go back. And read the reaction to the trades the trade not only the cubs got no nomar. It's also well. I guess the red sox are giving up on this season. Which is funny because yeah. It's wild to think that the red sox reminds me a little bit frankly of when people were rumor for the cardinals were rumored to be trading lance berkman at in august of two thousand eleven. Like you just like the cardinals are giving up. If they're going to trade berkman the red sox are giving up if they're going to trade you know bar and and then then the most amazing thing happens. He was putting up unvbelievable numbers with boston to that point in unlimited games too because he had been hurt they i mean i it's i i'm kind of glad like the red sox have won more world series and the cardinals. Obviously they've had more success but it seems very exhausting sox fan to just constantly go first place to last place. Yeah it's exhausting. I have to say. I've always joke but like of places i would places. I'd want to play. Boston would be pretty low on that list. Life is hard enough in the red sox have kind of since then gun that a couple of times right because they've kind of backed into some of these not rebuild but let's get rid of all this money and we will pay you to take it off our books. They what sent all the guys to La carl crawford and adrian gonzalez. They've done it a couple of times. And then kind of i guess maybe backed into an accelerated trip right back to the postseason your third pick will of our all time favorite trade so so for me. I get for the record lou brooklyn he. Leo is obviously the biggest cardinals. The biggest cardinals creative of all time. I for what it's worth. I went to university of illinois. I was. I was a fancy baseball league. So long ago that we had to get our stats every week via fax from like a service and it was a league of cardinals and cubs fast and it was called the ernie breglio memorial league so he will always have a part in our history but for me nevertheless..

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