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In southern california as they battle several wildfires inspire as well alive this is massive we're talking sixty miles long by forty miles wide into its ninth day and you know we normally get a rain and been november kind of the mark to end of the fire season not this year we have not had rain in southern california and two hundred and fifty one days that means that brush the oath the eucalyptuses dry as a newspaper forty sixty mile an hour winds the fires jumping containment lines and there are a radical wins which means is not moving in one direction or another which is getting bigger and bigger than that of course there's a risk for firefighters soxs way launch in essence still more california the thomas fire the biggest of them claimed the life of a 32yearold firefighter the latest instalment in the star wars series had to take over the box office this weekend sarwar's less djeddai rocketed to 45 million in previews although it's not as recordbreaking is the force awakens which took in fifty seven million in its first night branch wrecked box office analyst paul to garabedian says build a becky big it pre show ever as for the weekend your joined the two hundred million kwe in north america this would only be the court film opened with over two hundred million pounds lisa leeson djeddai reunites awaken stars daisy ridley adam driver giampa oscar isaac and original stars mark hamill emily carrie fisher who the movie is dedicated to michelle pollino fox news grammy saluted the career of elton john recording academy.

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