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Similar to your approach. Yeah definitely chimes. I think you know that from that book. I took the idea that you should manage energy not time with talking in slightly different language but it comes to the same idea. Tell him as he began by saying. Is this incredibly. Well you began by saying we will have an equal amounts of it absolutely true on a daily level. It's just it's incredibly strange thing right. We manage time like you can't touch it you come store it up for lakes you can't put it aside. It doesn't obey the rules that money obeys or the Physical possessions abassi. You never really have time in the way that you might have one hundred dollars have a car and so actually tweeting sort of control. It is really a fool's errand. That's why i think the way to the way to proceed instead. It's just accept that it is what it is but it's limited that you know when you gonna run out etc etc and from that basis of acceptance. That's when you can then say well. Okay i've got these hours. I don't have a thousand dollars today. I have twenty four. And i should be sleeping with a ton of the money with a you know some portion of anyway so okay. What's the most important thing for me to do at that time. And it's so clarifying because you then get to the end of the day knowing that you did some things that you really care about instead of kind of frittering away your attention over three hundred things. Many what you didn't come out and by the way you wouldn't made much progress on them anyway. 'cause you you would have spread yourself too thin. Oliver berkman is our guests. We're not really talking about time management. we're talking about prioritization of your time.

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