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But now they're just pickled they'd take some cabbage to throw some vinegar on it's not the same at all so you have to look in the refrigerated section and kimche things like that are kind of an acquired taste so for a lot of people doing both doesn't usually work but they can be regular with the doctor here's because it doesn't have to be refrigerated they have it in their purse or their briefcase or on their nightstand or wherever they need ginny notice the changed on the directions for oh heroes is used to say to take it to yell some period of time away from when you eat your meal and it doesn't say that on the packaging more do you think that's still an important thing to to do get the most benefit out of it i never really strictly adhered to that advice that's the kind of advice that they give for the freeze dried bacteria because they're so delicate the doctor heroes are very hardy and since a great deal of the benefit if not most of the benefit is from what they've made these post biotics those aren't subject to being disturbed in the stomach and so many people need the help right in the stomach you don't wanna wait for some 'bacterial and freeze right white powder castle to get down into the intestines find food duke it out for territory with other creatures and then start making things you need it right now so i always tell people if you get a little bit about upset stomachs indigestion choose them up and i chew lineup often or just let it dissolve in my mouth because you're right about the teeth and the gums i put one in like a chew between my chicken gum at night when i go to sleep and let.

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