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Mess around messing around. Everybody do the mess down one of the great movies ever if you get a chance if you've not seen the moon It's called Ray. Rented. It is worth whatever you have to pay for it. Um, if it was $100, it's worth it. If you did you see that movie crusher, right? Oh, yeah. You know how many songs Jamie Foxx actually saying in that movie? Uh, I know how much he sang in that movie, Anything, all of them? None of them. None of that's right. You know what, though? But you but he came. He comes from a piano background. He played locked to play. Yeah. Jamie Foxx used to play piano for, like, really wealthy people down south. You know, that's how he made money. And on a Saturday night it was also part of his stand up when he was first doing stand up stuff, All right? Yeah, He played it a piano. He do comedic stuff there. And he's a big man. Oh, man, you ever You ever see that movie? Yeah, absolutely. Man about your grandparent's. Where Ray Charles, your great grand parents, Ray Charles, finish just regular grand. Yeah, I always said, because Because John's great grand parents are my age. Freddy moved smeared your mom's like 45. That's right. And your your grandfather's How old 65 Jesus Christ. That's Zach. You does that make you feel belly? Uh, don't bring me into this. He's like I can't hear what you're saying. Don't bring me into this great man to Juan's parents are 45. Shut up is that wild? He's It's amazing how well do you You're 25 25. We got that old 20 years. Black thing going on after Craig dude. All right. Very good. We do have a little more news here before we get to. Ah, We gotta take a break anyway. Well, let's do this real quickly. California adventure. Everybody's worried of him and want to know when you're gonna open up Disney. What is gonna happen when, when? When, when, when? Well, let's find out, for God's sakes. People want to get down there and enjoy ourselves again. Man the first time Disneyland's gonna be great for everybody on Disney California Adventure Park is set to debut and all new dining experience inside the resort next month. Disneyland Resort says limited capacity and special ticketed event is expected to begin mid March and will focus on food and beverage offerings. Along with what the resort calls quote, carefully crafted entertainment, the resort says about 1000 cast members will also return to work along with 150 operating employees right now, while outdoor dining in downtown Disney and one of his two street reopened in November, But Reid's remain closed. Who cares? Rides line's too long anyway, I gotta get down there for the food and just to walk down Main Street. In Disneyland is going to be such a moving experience for everybody, especially kids. I rely on the CAF. I will check in with nori next. Okay. If I am sick, 40 more now approach people age 65 older living in Ventura County can now get a covert 19 vaccine. Mexico is granted approval for the use of two Chinese Corona virus vaccines, with two million doses arriving there tomorrow, and actress Gena Khurana has been booted from Disney's Man DeLorean show after some tweets compared to the Holocaust to the current political situation. We'll take a look at the 10 Freeway. Next 1.875% with a 2.4 or five A P. R. If you don't refinance today, you may never see mortgage rates in the ones again. In fact, Kiplinger says, the positive covert vaccine news will probably send these interest rates back up soon. If you're snows, yellows down 855999 refi to reach secure one capital, the official mortgage lender of the John and Ken Show. Hey, speed counts well, other lenders could take weeks to approve your loan. Secure one capitals. Fast tracking approved your loan in literally minutes riff, Iet interest rates in the ones and Paul the piles.

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