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Steve is great steve bannon as a mike tyson was done after douglas knocked him out alabama the roy more election was the knockout to steve bannam till never be the same donald trump is actively trying to get him ousted from breitbart it bannon does get ousted from breitbart that siriusxm show that's breitbart death that's not bannon and steve bannon the executive producer of the val kilmer vehicle the steam experiment is over with as done with his populace message has completely falling apart because of his low morality and his complete ineptitude when it comes to politics and being able to really motivate people with positive messages as opposed to just being a negative a message that than the negative populace message that he has i think is beginning to wear gun individuals at our own so i think he is gone i think he's done calls himself a streetfighter he is not a streetfighter he's an elderly alcoholic who really stole breitbart after andrew breitbart died it was never the website that had turned into with andrew breitbart i think he had uh he had a a righteous indignation about him he saw some injustices in the world and i think that if andrew was still alive breitbart would be much more rational never become a platform for the all right or at the very least in the capacity that it is now probably was still disagree with a lot of it but it would not be as horrible in his toxic as it is now doubt well a would you wouldn't offensively a you know you wouldn't be offended by prop are you disagree with it you know that's told anybody it's too stupid it's like it's dumber than infowars it's tough to s out is it up today which one is dumber anyway finally gary code this is according to the book he is the leader of the presidential of the president.

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