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You one of these people who watch TV with the close captioning on even if you have no hearing problem one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five for forty eight years fast traffic it's been really rough on seventy seven in that stretch going north and up towards aged forty one a rate eighty that's a crash being cleared also sound then slowdowns as well coming down south River Road down towards for forty at a crash and four forty and what bridge to this report is sponsored by staples staples printed marketing service can help your business turned big ideas and a bigger ideas staples printed marketing for your business printing ambience staples twenty twos still very slow Easton union Vauxhall rubber a crash is gone there's another one right by the parkway apparently on twenty two east and seventy eight eastbound coming at the Berkeley guide to domino right at exit forty three that's a crash it's the left lane that is currently knocked out of commission both spurs of the troubling rough sounds out of the car the truck planes at a south of the gospels reg lots of delays we have a crash in seventy eight west right by two eighty seven parkway south at one thirty one there's an accident read nine declared one on the southbound side coming in old bridge more delays and nine through free old and the lake with the seventy two and the parkway said stretches of slowdowns one oh five to one hundred and then coming down towards south of ninety eight all the way down eighty two lots of delays along the way leaving New Jersey ten to fifteen minutes of the Lincoln tunnel slightly better the Holland Tom rivers New Jersey traffic north Christina south New Jersey traffic south we're looking at a closure of black horse pike in Atlantic city accident investigation going on here with a bad accident that happened by the Atlantic city expressway so please avoid that spot also north bound to ninety five right by route thirty exit twenty nine it crashes in the left lane were looking at the lake is very heavy ones back to route forty seven the southbound side of two ninety five seventy three seventy is a hot spot more delays more recruits route forty two and six seventy six out after forty choose under the speed limit we do have delays right now one one ninety five east after two oh six and Hamilton square road just enough why I did you go any time I regret right now as of. stand by for a drawbridge opening traffic every fifteen minutes next reports a five oh three on New Jersey when a one point five. he won a one point five instant whether if you're going to be out in about late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

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