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For Michigan residential and commercial builders along with realtors as for Thursday's armed protest inside of the capitol against her stay at home order the governor called a political gamesmanship by Republican lawmakers without substance they didn't even have their act together enough to ensure that they gave it immediate the fact and so the bills that they talk about passing the day lord all these people to Lansing and got people riled up about wouldn't even go into effect until April of twenty twenty one I think that it was incredibly reckless calling the gathering disturbing the governor said quote swastikas Confederate flags nooses and automatic rifles do not represents what we are as Michiganders John Hewitt W. W. J. news radio nine fifty WWJ news time is eleven oh five following its closure in April Beaumont where you could re open as early as Monday W. WJCL more as Beaumont's Troy Royal Oak in Grosse Pointe hospitals were over run by cove in nineteen patients it's Wayne campus was designated as a reserve coronavirus hospital and then it was closed now the hospital will re open in phases as staff is brought back some were laid off and others were moved to different locations an official date for the re opening of the hospital has yet to be provided Jason Scott WWJ newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. news time is eleven oh six Detroit mayor Mike Duggan encouraging people to continue to social distance also using the parks live on WWJ the mayor said the number of cases in the city has been dropping but that could go up if people start gathering again he says police will be out patrolling the parks and the state stay home order will be enforced more than a thousand officers returned to work at this point I think two thirds of all the office in the police department have been to our fifteen minute testing so they are fully staffed and and we we staff the same what we would have been last may and that does include a supplemental patrols in the park's mayor said it's okay to enjoy the parks but continue to do so in small groups and with social distancing all the latest numbers show that to us from the state at least there are a thousand new confirmed cases and seventy seven additional deaths that makes us up to forty two thousand cases in Michigan early thirty nine hundred people have died throughout the state the city of Detroit reporting nine additional deaths as of this afternoon meanwhile seven hundred and five people have died in Oakland county six hundred and fourteen people have now died in Macomb US representative Brenda Lawrence announcing a big grant today for public housing in the state three point eight million dollars she says it's all part of the coronavirus aid relief and economic security or carers act in statements represent of Lawrence says access to housing is integral in combating the spread of covert nineteen she says the only way we flatten the courage by encouraging people to stay home and that's hard to do when so many people lack housing meanwhile secretary state Joslin Benson today announced an agreement to reach with the national federation of the blind to temporarily expanded voting access for the may fifth election the bureau of elections will extend blind voters the option of receiving a ballot similar to the ones reserved for overseas voters and members of the military they will ensure that the ballots can be completed by blind people independently by using electronic screen reader software Manson says she's proud that they work together to identify a temporarily a temporary solution that is to expanding voting access here in Michigan coming up in the moments I had with the second highest number of cases new training planning and planned in Livonia W. W. J. news time eleven I wait for traffic and weather together we do it every ten minutes on the eighth sponsored this time by I told them the M. W. of Rochester hills from the adult on border traffic center we can tell you about a freeway closure seventy five north and southbound shut down a mile to Adams you can use whatever it is a way to get around the closure it's huge multi mile closure and it's going to be going on through five o'clock on Monday ninety four east and westbound downtown between Warren and I. seventy five if got intermittent lane closures.

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