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Right anyway. I like long shots. And there's a lot of those in this movie Yes. I just enjoyed the movie. I can't totally articulate. Why but I like the bad is at its long and it's really slow and the barriers to enjoying? It are really really high. And if you if you're those getting away you're not gonna like anything else on this a lot of movies this year I've Noticed when going back through them Had really low budgets and this was the lowest of them. Oh interesting fifteen million. Most of that probably went to the recreation nation of quorums childhood home like that was he really faithfully recreated the house he grew up here. Just for example Black Panther was one point three five million billion no no one hundred and thirty five million probably know sorry to two hundred ten million okay Black Panther. I I think black lacked director along with maybe able to Vernay in a wrinkle in time to have one hundred plus million dollar budget with Ryan Kugler yet. The favourite was the favourite was also fifteen gene had a couple of low really. Yeah fifteen then. Black Panther two hundred was the highest. You another digits. Yeah nine point two I gave him my ranking meal after watching it now you know into a misty eyed. Wow big I like that credible I liked it but again I put my phone on a different room and didn't have in watch it on TV. I wonder if Black Panther made more than all these movies combined. I think it's probable. Yeah Okay Oh no because the next one is a star is born. Oh okay all of them except for stars born you combine it. I think Black Panther. Netflix did This is directed by Bradley Cooper Super This sensation of two thousand eighteen. You could say starring Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Andrew Dice Clay. I think it's still probably Dave David Chapelle same Elliot. How much did this make? Four hundred twenty three by Pacers one point two billion. Yeah it's been out for a full year two. Yeah other nominations. The side from best picture picture. Best actor Bradley Cooper Best Actress Lady Gaga. You're telling me that Lady Gaga up for main gene actress and Marshall is up for supporting best supporting actor. Sam Elliott barely in it. Same Elliott but this is like a a lifetime achievement award adapted screenplay cinematography exam Elliott doled gruff guy with the mustache. He's been the visser in the movie. Yeah his brother are there. Even though he's in the same category as Mersal. Oliver Sean Win. Yeah he's he's on the movie for ten minutes. Are you the joke me all right. Let's not get mad here and this original song. There's never been a better more obvious shoe to that song once once a day if not more and it was like ten to twenty times a day right after I wash everybody who saw this opt on the soundtrack music media. I'll start with what I liked about the movie and then we'll go to you. This was probably my favorite theater experience of the year. Okay that sounds talk. And that's saying something the musical performances were awesome. They were awesome and the way they were shot onstage while it was never from the audience perspective. It wasn't really you can see people audience. It felt like you were on stage with them. uh-huh Fabulous Music Lady Gaga obviously nailed the music scene vocals. were out of this world rim. And she held her own. I I think is an actress. I think shield their own. I don't think I dropped it fabulous. But she held her own. The two storylines coming away out of this movie were how awesome Bradley Cooper is and how we all talk about like Justin timberlake being a sensation. Doing all these things acting and singing. I'd say Bradley Cooper's the top V close. He's way more talented than Justin Timberlake who I thought was previously the most down man alive. They're his performance that in there. They're performing warming shallow at the. I heard you talk about a month event that it was good. I I don't have like here's what I liked about the story or is it was awesome. It was just a really fun time at the movies Bradley Cooper as a Rockstar. Works so well and he does it so convincingly Vinson Lee and his voice is tremendous. Here's what's bad about the movie Bradley. Cooper's voice now talking it wasn't always perfect. It reminded me of Bruce Wayne in the new Batman. Surely it Kinda changed or like you know. In game of thrones little finger like changes accents. It wasn't always is perfect but it worked on his regular voice. It kind of fits like get was he. 'cause he's this old rocker at the end of his career kind. So it kind of fits that it wasn't a perfect voice. Okay I like it. I'm looking I'm I gotTA find criticize. You'd reach in. Here's the Eliud couple of things. Someone said it felt like playing career mode on Rockstar to K nineteen okay. That's exactly right. That's funny but hey there's a reason we play the career modes in Turkey. Fun Fun I hadn't seen in the original stand either. It's been remade like four or five times. I didn't know the twists necessarily or even if they're the same even so did feel mildly predictable. I wasn't shocked by anything I. It was one of those movies where I expected to cry. While I was watching it. And the waterworks just never came maybe that keeps it out of the top echelon okay and last thing. This is a common criticism. I don't even know if I agree with that. It didn't really you know the movie didn't really say anything. New Per Se no sin engaging story trappings of fame classic rise and fall but not a groundbreaking. Okay what do you got what. What do you got bad things about it? Anything you didn't like about stars born I loved it all rim. I'm not gonNA give you anything bad. Okay that's fine lines this movie three or four times since the watching it the only one I've seen more than once that was question again. Yeah Watch it tonight. If someone asked asked me you WanNa Watch starboard Halio stars board crazy. This movie's tremendous rim. Yes if we're just talking about my favorite favorite and that's not what my list is about. Okay just to be clear if you're just talking to my favorite of these movies it's a star board. It's entertaining in in the performance by Gaga and in Cooper incredible those who have an undeniable can just separated from her and many people are saying that I saw so heated the live performance. He showed up at one of her shows and they did a live performance of it in he was looking at it in the same way. I have something that you have something there between these two and it shines brightly off the screen. I don't advocate for adultery but I wanNA see rumor married anymore. It's interesting game. I do think absolutely I watched the award show. She is outrageously over the top in her praise for him and her love for him and he just Kinda like relax lady Gaga will hold up him. I saw this performance. He walked onstage in the way he was looking at her. My God I've never seen in someone look at someone like that. It looked like someone like as they're getting married looking at each other as the now pronounce your man and why that's always looking at her. Never seen anything like it anyway. Great movie great movie. If you haven't seen this what are you. Why are you even listening to us to see this? This is the kind of movie that if you're getting a new if you're investing in a new home theater and you want to get a bunch like action movies that look good on four K.. You also want a star is born because performances are so in your face ace in the music and the sound is so good that you want it you want it to enveloppe. Uab You want to know the number eight point point nine. That's hi that's pretty high while a little bit below Roma on my scale and if you weren't if you're talking strictly entertainment the best of these probably by far his realm is not necessarily like entertaining all-time Blackhawk working good time. Next up and last of the best picture nominees in one more thing rim. You WanNa talk about music movies. This one puts Bahamian rhapsody grave. Okay and believing rhapsody Belushi number one hits in real life. These are these so these are the songs in Stars Board are better than anything queen put out. Okay you WANNA take there. It is won't buy me disagreements. The best song ever heard it's really I mean it's not a joke. It's incredible incredible movie obviously remedy. We're going to like this movie if you Roy. Moore's next up and last of the best picture nominees vice directed by Adam McKay written by Adam. McKay he was the brain behind the big short good accommodate type stuff vice Has Stars Christian Bale. As Dick Cheney Amy Adams as his wife Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld Sam Rockwell as George W Bush Tyler Perry makes an appearance as Colin Powell. A lot of nominations for vice best director this actor for Christian Bale supporting actor for Sam Rockwell supporting supporting actress Ramey Adams screenplay film editing makeup and hairstyling. Ab What did you think was good about vice. It was just a fun movie. Veit Kinda the field to me of. What's Leonardo DiCaprio movie? Wolf of Wall Street okay. It kinda had that feel to me that type of movie where it took a real story and Kinda it was almost like a parody of real. There were all real events Christian Bale One of my favorites. I thought he did really good and he transforms almost better than anybody. jaw-dropping makeup job. You can't you can't tell it all that it's him indistinguishable could put Dick Cheney in the movie. And you wouldn't know legitimately the best if you compare it last year. Gary Oldman Oldman in darkest hour a team that blows out of the water. His crazy how much she looks like him. Anything else you liked about this movie. Those fast paste can't move in a lot of stuff in it. Let's go to digest. Okay you want it to be I one. I got a feeling rammed in like this movie at all Christian Bale incredible performance. That's the good the bad just about everyone else. I thought stunk DONC. Amy Adams Amy Adams was fine. I guess we'll six. I'm a huge Amy Adams a guy checkout sharp objects if for her alone the same rockwell. Bush was like an average Saturday night live impression. I'd say it was way worse that was it was a bad railroad bed for I supporting actor. Yeah Steve Carell did not remind me of Donald Rumsfeld at all. Now these things. You'd think that's fine. Like what was the story like. What was everything else about when you have Christian Bale? WHO's literally a reincarnation of Dick Cheney? You can't have you can't surround them with Comic Book Character Impressions People that don't they didn't do a good job Jabba even having them look like. Why didn't you put the makeup? On Bush. Exactly Bush character looked like trash. He didn't anything like George Bush exactly that he was so gaunt. Compared to the real George Bush Donald Rumsfeld was like this short like scrawny guy. It's like this isn't he was like an old guy with you know lots hanging skin going on this. It's weird that just Dick. Cheney was identical and everyone else was like amateurish. Also report I thought stylistically. Ab this thing was all over. The place agreed the narrator storyline and it's a storyline that there's a narrator unnecessary. There was some unnecessary time jumps. There's one part where they were like back in his youth and then it jumped to him being the vice president and he's sitting in a room like eating a Danish and then jump back to something else and it's like what was the point of that. ooh There's no reason for that the there was some gimmicky parts which I won't mention because they're kinda spoilers there were. There was something in the middle. That was like okay hilarious areas so funny and then there is something a few conversations that took place where the characters were talking saying things that they obviously sit in say in real life who was meant to be like some absurdist parody and they it was like a device to make our point but it was just over long like we got it. We know that the whole whole thing is crazy It was more distracting than effective. I thought and then they superimpose some characters on real footage like the mission accomplished thing they put same rockwall who already doesn't look like him onto their real footage it looked like SNL. And I don't mean that in a good way like S. and L.'s. A weekly show. This is a big budget movie forrest. There's Gump look better twenty five years ago. So you got all those things that are scratch distracting the Cheney character..

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