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You know is is is how you're going to vote I. Remember telling people I thought. I told days like really. How are you going to vote Heidi? You might you might be my only vote tomorrow. And then I was like you know what because I'd be your only vote I would have been okay with it right like I might be the only one that voted voted for anybody random. I just would have thrown a name, and just just because because I cared so much about him that I was like you know what this is interesting as a friend. Right like as a real friend. I'm not supposed to put your name on that card. But because I've already given my word to everybody else that I would. Then what do I do what's the right thing to do? What's the right thing to do? And I told him that I said already. I gave my word to. To. So many people you know I i. don't know what to do here. That was very. That was probably the most conflicting vote and I had. My vote wouldn't have mattered young. I'm saying I wouldn't mattered. I already knew he was getting voted off. So why not put any other name down? Except it would've showed all you guys that I could have been a traitor. Who who throughout other? Who did it? You know, so? You're constantly thinking about stuff like that. He can you tell us a little bit about what you have going on on Instagram I? SEE The a ton of workouts for people well these. Amazing. Okay. Thank you. Oh my God hiding so i. Love that your your. Videos are very. Let's see how they're slow. They're very deliberate. All your motions are very deliberate and you can follow him and. I told you this I. was showing my twenty four year old, which is funny? I was thinking. You've worked twenty four. When you play my daughter Elliot's twenty four, but I said Ellie look at these, and I loved that there's so slow and deliberate, and you can really watch your stance your form, okay. I didn't mean to interrupt head to say them out to her. Now that's that's so. That's so sweet, so this goes back. Thank you for. For that by the way this goes back to the health. APP that I'm building the it's called reality. Check because we all need one. We all think we're all sitting here. Trying to be something not. We're all sitting here like Ranna Wish I looked twenty years younger. Whatever the thing is, and then we look up all these instagram or facebook people and they've all got filters slapped on them, and they've all got I. Don't know swimming filter is. Is, it takes pounds off your body I don't know. Use It so I'm just sitting here like people need something real, and I'm not saying it I'm saying this APP. Is this APP is real? It's okay, so if we're going to sell this is how to do workouts with somebody cancer. The people we have are really have cancer. The people we have really have high cholesterol We've got a couple of girls that that aren't going. Going to make it much longer because they have stage for we we have the real deal is my point. That's the reality check. We're not all trying to look like a eighteen to twenty four year old on instagram. Maybe we are but if but you actually should try to be the best version of yourself, so that's why we came up with reality. Check so that's what these workouts are. You are right. They are very deliberate because. Again I have a I have. A degree in exercise is nets the exact science behind working out? There is an exact science to losing weight. It's it's not complicated. People think it is, but it's not so. It's these very specific moves in a very specific way, and actually the most not me, but some of the most shredded bodybuilders will tell you the same thing. It's actually you think Oh. I'm just making up something. A squad pulls four times well. How long you hold the pulse why four times? There's actually an exact science behind it, so it's this whole thing that if you really know it, you can comprehend it. You can make up very effective workouts for people. So that's what I love about. It is getting all the feedback from people like I've already lost. Twenty pounds already lost thirty pounds. Hide thing. You. Back on survivor Heidi. Not Me but the people that follow the people are saying. They'll say hey already lost thirty pounds. Just following you. Thank you for showing me workouts. Because like set during your home and I can really do them. These are supposed to be complicated I. Mean I can really do these and all laugh at myself all the time. Hey, guys tried this workout. It went awful. But they really are supposed to be things you can really do. You can really try. They're not supposed to be boring I try to mix it up, but there's a very specific science behind it. And that's really it and what what you eat, of course, what you eat is almost eighty percent of the battle so but yeah I I love doing it. It's free, right? It's free from my instagram. Creates a check that out, so Heidi tells sure instagram name. Sorry, yes, he I'm off with this Heidi underscore hamels. Hamels has won him. And Yep and they're on there and. And I really. If you actually not, you guys fit whoever's listening if you go on there, I actually do respond just about every single person because I don't sleep. I'll stay up till four. Even responding to people be like. Tell me what I should eat tomorrow and I come up with a whole plug again for free, but I come up with a whole plan for them, and this is how you do.

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