Chairman, Jay Powell, Levi Strauss discussed on WBBM Evening News


Choose from flavor filled Slurpee and big gulp drink Chris coconut water energizing colder and hot coffee fresh organic cold pressed juices invigorating energy drinks cooling pure leaf iced tea refreshing deer park one hundred percent natural still and sparkling spring water plus many more only at participating seven eleven stores WBBM news time ten of fifty three new time for business here's Jeff Ballenger stocks turned in a mixed performance trading was cautious ahead of tomorrow's congressional testimony from fed chairman Jay Powell the Dow Jones industrials fell twenty three points a tenth of a percent the nasdaq closed forty three points or half a percent higher the S. and P. five hundred gained four points or a tenth of a percent Levi Strauss checked in after the bell the jeans makers quarterly profit fell short of Wall Street forecasts a profit warning from B. eight SF weighed on shares of chemical companies B. A. S. F. said slowing markets and the U. S. China trade war could lower its annual profit by thirty percent most homeowners who have mortgages are current with their lenders CoreLogic says the overall delinquency rate for April was the lowest in more than twenty years Spotify is looking to expand beyond the U. S. and Europe the music streaming service has a new light app for android phones designed for emerging markets with business now what twenty three and fifty three past each hour from the Bloomberg news room Jeff Ballenger newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM five our tea with.

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