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All right a little bit more john ratcliffe of texas a former prosecutor he was outstanding as well i just want you to hear this too this is ratcliffe of texas cut seven go you're asking us to believe that when you say things like f trump and stop trump and impeach trump that those are just personal beliefs and when you say those things you never cross that line that bright inviolable line at allowed to impact your official conduct that's really what this comes down through that you're asking us to believe isn't it sir i'm asking you to believe that i'm offering you evidence yeah jerry million found that there's been no accurate have anywhere you have under oath been as clear as a bell on that you said it over and over again and and because of that i'm almost embarrassed to ask you this question of the approximately fifty thousand text messages that i've seen with your personal beliefs like f trump stop trump impeach trump go ahead and confirm on the record that none of that occurred on an official fbi device or unofficial fbi time go and do that sir no they did many of them did they dare so so what you really meant to say was that when you said you never crossed that bright inviolable line what you meant to say was except for fifty thousand times except for hundreds of times of day where i went back and forth expressing my personal opinions about effing trump and stopping trump and impeaching trump on official fbi phones unofficial fbi time other than that you never crossed that line i'm sure there are thirteen thousand fbi agents out there that are beaming with pride and how clearly you've drawn that line ages trucking you're starting to understand why some folks out there don't believe a word you say and why it's especially troubling that you of all people are at the center of the three highest profile investigations in recent times that involve president trump and that you were in charge of an investigation investigating gathering evidence against donald trump a subject that you hated that you wanted to him to stop him to impeach him and do you see why that might call into question every thing you've touched on all of those investigations chairman i'm done with this witness and i yield back he's talking to a judge i'm done with this witness louie gohmert at the hearing today he actually raise something a lot of people were thinking about but a lot of republicans very skittish about this because they don't want all the trump stuff to come up and so they seem to think if they don't confront mr stroke on all issues arabia's name is that somehow that somehow that will protect the president it's absurd stormy daniels was just arrested for using her boobs in a very how shall i say inappropriate manner but that was the allegation all charges were dropped so she can be a star guest on cnn and msnbc all over again they can bring her in on their conga line goofballs just bring her and now she's ready she's been cleared here's louie gohmert at the hearing today cut nine go now the describe this man has died gentleman from texas full suspend for is the disgrace any won't be recaptured anytime soon because of the damage you've done to the justice system and i've talked to fbi agents around the country you've embarrassed them you've embarrassed yourself and i can't help but wonder when i see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you look so innocent into your wife's i and lied to her about doc stop jess oh we're gonna talk about trump that way oh that's outrageous whereas glory allred what's outrageous trump gets that treatment not mr stroke look how you're attacking the fbi attacking mr stroke i wouldn't have asked this question you.

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