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Cumulus stations news now one nine four real leave prince William county says a Virginia health department has identified three possible sites for bed for coronavirus patients once hospitals in northern Virginia reach capacity prince William county executive Christopher Martinez says the three sites are the dolls expo center George Mason University and the national conference center in Loudon getting the medical staff is a challenge we look too long tears on the medical corps and it might even resulting in a school calling on the military the county's anticipating a surge in cases based on a model from the university of Washington state creek is expected to be in the latter half of may into just into June little after June first barber brick WMAL in W. one A. L. dot com the number of deaths statewide in New York has climbed past nineteen hundred with more than three hundred ninety more deaths counted in the past twenty four hours governor Andrew Cuomo saying a short time ago the model suggest a peak for New York at the end of April but caseloads increasing in other states he says it's a New York problem today tomorrow it's a Kansas problem in a Texas problem in New Mexico problem that's why I say to my fellow governors and elected officials all across this country look at us today see yourself tomorrow officials in Louisiana say they fear the worst is yet to calm after a spike of more than a thousand cases in a single day correspondent ed lavandera says it probably hasn't reached its peak at one of our agency official was describing to us one of the other troubling things that they're noticing is that here in particular in the city of New Orleans the death rate for people infected has been about five percent a lot of factors that go into that because of that number they're really urging people to take all of the state home orders to distance themselves the governor of Florida has not yet issued a statewide stay at home order frustrating many who believe it's needed nationwide to keep the virus from spreading further course when Rosa Flores reports residents in certain areas are just being told to stay home issued a regional.

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