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Englishman to lebron's as a player i do not kerr who coaches me i don't care where the from what they will light what sex they are i want to work with the best the last of the arcelor and it's an argument to say phil neville is not for them reasons at robbie's explain for the club's he's been ah also rubber mind a sister is a sportswoman you had net both face a kotra is on course used england that bull a speech on it but why would you you you know for me this is this is phil neville yeah this is this is not like a contentious person this is not so mothers in the headlines all the time or mack in order noises this is possibly wanted a nice place to belgrade ever wish to make one of the consummate professionals any spor affordability cricket with them and he was a for meat salva swipe fell novel annoys put them tweets on but to chinalinked kim with domestic violence over come on it was paint was playing table tennis on holiday matvei in our contacts that was completely unfair the way he got vilified for level that was ridiculous and should what what you're saying what what you're saying about the the gender we've had two female prime ministers because fantastic chief executives of companies who will women what i see in football on i have to say this i went to a coach in court conference at the chelsea training ground though probably three hundred coaches in the room premier league academy.

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