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Radio six eighty WCBS. Great Email in from John just walked Bruce. The next thing is going to be. Wow. Brick Kevin only one after extremely leftist democrat females when he was a teenager. So what does he have against democrat women? That's got to be one of the questions tomorrow. I love it. So I noticed you didn't you're not accused of molesting any moderate libertarian women. You seem to be accused of molesting far lefties. What is it about them that attracts you so much, sir? When did you stop beating your wife? There's no way of answering that question. And what does that about far left wing women that you find so incredibly attractive? This is supposed to say nothing. Well, I've always I've always admired that they had more underarm hair than I do. There's no way of going at that politely alarium hamden. Larry good morning. Thanks for hanging on. Hey. Good morning. You know, you laugh at that. But as rush said there are things we left about ten years ago. Sure. Yeah. You mentioned earlier that oil or and world in which we live that could absolutely positively be, you know, a possibility, you know, by by this evening. Not by next year. But. Helping helping kind of like putting a couple of things together one night, it's kind of a reasonable observation. I haven't heard anyone talk about. And what what we're talking about with this. Oh with this person. Yes. There was this person who the person they're going to have question her the woman, of course, they want the old white man, you know, the question so he could seem in unsensitive they could spin as questions of being unsensitive to incentive to her pain. Of course, not, you know, Napa leaving her. So it's smart for them to do that. And my point is also on that is it was not. It was not a coincidence that the Democrats gave their main talking points to black people who were on the committee that we're running for president with Cory Booker acapella, Harris. There's a reason why they did that end it was proving. So I saw that at my antenna went up when I saw that and ensure enough or one of the I think CNN remember which one they had a guest on and ask the guest about because Donald Trump's president had the president had had criticized them in their in their line of questioning, and why did they say, so well, we've seen him do this before with calling Magic Johnson stupid, or you know, they call LeBron James stupid. It's just his racist ways. You know, he's gonna go after the black people. So they deliberately put the black people up there knowing knowing that it'd be criticism of them hoping it would be from the president. So they can play the race card. So this is brilliant. Dan, rather conservatives by Republicans have this woman going after the questioning, let her take the take the learn any point something out though. Because at the very beginning, you pointed out, something pretty profound. We live in a culture where it is assumed if you're a white guy beyond the age twenty four that you're deficient in ethical standards, and that you cannot be counted on to hear any individual's testimony in an unbiased fashion that you will almost uniformly tend to be unfair to women and people of color. I mean that that is that's the one of the underlying assumptions here. And this is one of the problems the Democrats have with the. Tribal personality, which is what everybody it's politics by tribe in one of the disfavoured tribes right now is white guys. So they're they're perfectly happy to go. After white guys are because another gonna lose the white guy vote anyway. And so they do this is a rather deliberate standard and the swamp meteoroid spin it that way too. And that's part of the problem. The swamp media will say well. Yeah. The old white guys. But they ask good questions. And it's going to be one of the optics aren't good here. Well, who determines that the swamp media determines that it's a circular argument? So that's that's where we are. Great. Thank you. Thank you one zero WCBS. Six eighty Jacob is pikes. Good morning. Jacob. Good morning, sir. It's nice to talk to you. Well, it's very nice to talk with you too. Thank you. I have an opinion about this whole case with the professor and the judge. Yes, I think that both seventies lived in Maryland. At a certain time. Yup. And I think that that the professors family had a home that needed to be. There was a court case involving her family, and and Josh cavenaugh his mother his mother, but there were speculations early on was does this kind of a grudge being played out his mother. His mother was involved in a more ancillary fashion was not involved in the decision at all on the case. So that doesn't seem very likely so. So I think that she she took his personally wrote a letter to Senator she fell the best. That's all. But now, it's become a big case big situation there. Yup. And she doesn't know quite how to extricate herself from it. So right. She may be trapped into testifying. And then there are people by three o'clock this afternoon. I suspect are going to say there's no need to actually swear anybody in for this, right? Yeah. I I think that anybody can can I appreciate your time. Thank you. Well, listen, I appreciate your Jake. Thanks for listening for one zero WCBS six eighty toll free long distance is one eight hundred six eighty John emails into Bruce. Dot com. Christine Ford is submitting four affidavits to the Senate Judiciary committee. Apparently, these four statements are from four people stating that she told them what she thinks Brin Kevin I did to her any party that he was never at how does this even passes evidence. So if I go around miss remembering events from thirty six years ago, all I need to do to corroborate my stories to tell somebody what I think I remember this is has to be a close friend or what a person walking down the street do. Exactly all she can do as I as last. How far all she can do is say, yes, I passed along this information to these individuals. They were not party to what occurred. They have no direct knowledge over what occurred other than she had this memory either recovered or imagined. And by the way, posted a great article on on the difference between these two on the Bruce Elliott show page on Facebook. Check it out because this whole area of recovered memories. Is kind of sketchy. And that is apparently what happened here with a counselor. And then sometime after two thousand twelve she decided to attach breath Kavanagh's name to her recovered memories. Whether they're not real members. It's her truth. We were told it's her truth. We have to believe her truth. We have to affirm her right to live her truth. That used to be called delusional, by the way. When somebody would say, you have to accept my reality and my truth. No, we don't actually politely. We don't have to accept your reality and your truth. Those of us who are interested in vitro use rather than in some individual version of the truth as put through one's mental filters. I think we'll rather uniformly say, no, we don't have to accept your truth. We don't have to believe your truth. And that doesn't matter if you're white black male female six six is a six gender. No cisgenders six genders. That'd be some of the other ones. Man, pretending as a woman who thinks she's a collie, whatever Kathy isn't an apple is gonna to Cathy. Thanks for hanging on. Hi, I have a diabolical theory. I haven't heard. Diabolic laughter going here. Hang on. Anymore unrealistic than what we have to take dossier? So my theory is she might have been a seed planted back when Bush a fine him to believe that if the twelfth circuit court where we already had one supreme court Justice come out of. The likelihood that she would have if he were to be nominated for discipline court only until such time which she named him. So depending on when he was put into that court anticipating, I think people could foresee he might become a supreme court Chow says. Well, wait a minute. I he he he's been on the DC circuit for thirteen years. Only. I think thirteen he's written over three hundred decisions in that thirteen year period. So that would take it back to well before she had her first recovered memory, which was twenty twelve do you think that they would have seen that, you know, have planted the seed that she was a plant even even in two thousand twelve with the idea that, hey, he's got some his opinions have been widely recognized. Since he's been in that court, even more. So that he's had longer years and has turned even liberal judges minds around. So this is like the main and candidate. But it's the Manchurian victim. I guess is what we call. Remember them the movie the Venturi and candidate this is oh good movie. Good book, y'all. Understand. I'm what you're saying. And it's a possibility it is diabolical wrong. It is. Yeah. He didn't name him. And then here he comes for the supreme. And all of a sudden, she's got a name. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a seed like her with all the people that's on that with the Trump came up west, and even some that are not on that list and anticipation of these conservative, very, intellectually smart judges, that's one of the biggest fears. They have is how smart he is. Well, I can't wait till I can't wait till Barrett. Call me, I think that's her name. I can't remember I thing. Is nominated for the supreme court because unless there's evidence that she's sexually harassed some guy when she was in elementary school by forcing here, forcing him to kiss her on Valentine's Day. It'd be interesting place, Kathy. Thanks for your call. Appreciate it for one zero WCBS six eighty this is funny proofs as an experiment. I thought that I should look up goalposts at my local sporting goods store. Do you know that you can actually buy apparently democrat goalposts they're lighter and easier to move around the field. Well, played well played indeed Mitch McConnell pointed out yesterday. One of the things that's been happening here. One of the things that we've been pushing back against strongly hear these accusations. These allegations have consequences. I mean, there is an injured party here. And the injured party is judge Cavanaugh. The American people also insists that vague. Unsubstantiated uncorroborated allegations of thirty plus year old misconduct. Where all the suppose. Witnesses either totally deny it or cat confirm. It is nowhere near ground sin someone's career or destroy their good goodnight. But that is the attempt is being made. That is the attempt, and of course, the goal posts changed again yesterday. When all of a sudden, we really can't have a presumption of innocence here Judge Kevin has to prove that he's innocent. I said earlier in the show. All right. Just Kevin on you need to prove that in any of two or three year period that you're never at a party. We're there were either three four or five or six people. And two of them were female prove and you need to prove that you did not go into a different room with one of the females at this party and the party took place at an unnamed location. I realized that you might have difficulty proving it as a matter of fact, I realize it's impossible. But that is what the Democrats want. Chris coons who by the way is under head. But he married. Well, I mean, look it up folks he married well that. Oh. What a life. He says. No, you can't you can't presume innocence here. Amazing. Bruce L show. Talkradio six eighty WCBS a lot of you guys know that getting your teeth fixed as something if needed to have done for a long time. But you put it off. Now I used to fit in this category. To until I made my first appointment with Dr laser cosmetic, and advanced devastating. Boy, if they'd done some advanced dentistry on my mouth, I sure am glad that I've gone to them, by the way, see like me and.

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