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Show at the best show dot net. I think is how you can get is subscribed into that show. It's fantastic. Those guys are the best. And I love Tom. And I really look forward to hear that show and seamless show is gonna do. Yeah. Seeing the effect show before we get outta here. It is election week as we had in and barrel towards very monumental election any mental action midterms and Nevada's kind of a flash point. And let's find out what someone someone we know who lives there who's very much Nick cage gearing up for the election. Jason Randy nNcholas cage here, if I could take a moment to speak to you and the people of America and just to let everyone know that this to say it's time to get out. Guys, G O T V out the cage. Well, here's the deal is it's your civic duty to go out and vote, and I wanna give a special message right now to the citizens of the great state of Nevada and the greatest city in all the world, Las Vegas. Do the right thing Las Vegas. Go vote on your ballot, right and nNcholas cage, president of Las Vegas do. All All right. right. Fucking stupid. Right. And makes way too much says to have nNcholas cage be president of Las Vegas guys. It's almost almost Dom did not have this platform. You ask. What what is? What is what is nNcholas cage? Stanford. I'll tell you what I stand for Golden Knights hockey every day of the week vote for nNcholas cage. A write in vote for president of Las Vegas is vote for the night hockey every day of the year three hundred sixty five days of hockey, guys. Get in my face. All right. Let's do this get out and vote don't be a fucking idiot. Alright cage out. Okay. I don't. I don't know that he fully gets was going on or how it's done. But I support the enthusiasm. I guess, you know, if you should have to appoint place in Nick cage, just like walked in there in. Like ice skates. I be site. Would you love it? I love it. You'd love it. I'd love it. He should be at every polling. Stay all right, guys. Get out the vote if you can have a good weekend. Let's be nice to each other punch. Waterfalls? We'll see you next week in Austin, Texas cap city Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Senate law Italy, one of the best comedy clubs in the country. One of the best comedy towns in the country chance to see us. We'll bring the punch waterfall shirts and hats, we are very excited to have those and they're available unfluffy crate dot com. If you don't if you can't get to Austin, and he won't punch waterfall. They're going. Dope. Man. Cool. I pick them up. And we'll see you guys next week next week. I believe we have Dave damasec on the show to talk NFL lady on bell all that stuff. And Adam Corolla, we're gonna get Adam girl. I can't wait. So John David Cohen a lot of great people. Good stuff coming up as we head into the month of November and thanksgiving. We'll see Austin guys. We are.

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