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The companies also want to educate those still skeptical of the vaccine's effectiveness. GURNAL Scott Fox News The MBA's Dallas Mavericks have found a novel way to avoid national anthem protests. They're not playing The Star Spangled Banner anymore. Team owner Mark Cuban says it's his decision didn't elaborate on it, saying nobody noticed. Has been a vocal supporter of those who wish to kneel during the playing of the anthem. Hollywood is remaking The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is getting another remake. The adaptation of the L. Frank Baum Classic will be directed by Nicole Kassell, who's coming off directing watchman for HBO. The film has been retold many times on both the big and small screen, but the most memorable was the classic 1939 musical starring Judy Garland. Castle in the statement said While the 1939 musicals part of my DNA's A, I am exhilarated and humbled by the responsibility of re imagining such a legendary town the opportunity to examine the original themes. The quest for courage, love, wisdom and Home feels more timely, an urgent than ever. Michelle Pelino Fox News Global stock markets, U. S futures rose overnight. I've sound to you. Grasso of this is welcome news. Whose radio K L. B. J. I'm John Cooley and topping Austin's news. Austin City Council moves forward on ballot language that will allow voters to decide on changing the city government into a strong mayor system. It would grant the mayor's office executive veto powers over City Council. Some, like Lulu Flores says the change would improve democracy in Austin. But you're suppressing is on the rise in anti democratic movements are gaining influence. We must do everything in our power to expand that democracy, others against Edition question. What's so Democratic about elevating one position over the City Council? Austin and Travis County officially moves down the covert risk chart to stage four, city officials explained. This is a slight easing of restrictions and debate is heating up across the nation over the proposed $15 minimum wage as the support gain steam. TJ Finn with the bass Drop Business Owners Association agrees that change is needed, but it shouldn't come while Corona viruses wrecking havoc on the economy, your kale, BJ radar, Weather watch low 45 high 50 to get Austin news on him. And the news radio. K.

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