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Welcome back to town hall review I'm mark Davis coming to you in partnership with the pepper nine graduate school of public policy with Democrats in control of the house will now witnessing some of the chaos that can come with progressivism recently reparations got a hearing folks like actor Danny Glover argued in favor of a out to descendants of slaves Salem most Mike Gallagher discuss the implications in twenty twenty a lot of Americans you're undecided are going to decide whether to pull the lever for the Republicans or the Democrats what you hear what one of the witnesses to to representative Sheila Jackson Lee use in Shane hearings on slavery reparations had to say about Republicans I imagine we have a few Republicans who listen to Mike Gallagher show so listen to what activist and writer and author Julian Malvo calls rush during this testimony which also featured the pearls of wisdom from Danny Glover an actor and a trumpeter I I I I what Danny Glover has to do with slavery reparations is a little bit lost on me well pretty much as much as this lady who writes for USA today is lost on me but here's what she had to say as part of this circus this theater this dish this charade this is from C. span and gravy people want talk only about Democrats people change ideologies so the Democrats war the double once upon a time there were these two problems the research which for the plan they were Democrats however the Republicans took that over they became the devil and I'm just say and I forgive me brother chairman I know you so I'm not supposed to say that forgive me that wasn't enough let's listen to Danny Glover and presidential candidate my put that in big quotes Eric Swalwell had to say about reparations they've certainly the capacity that we have in terms of imagine in a better future for third me for the hit American children an African Americans the descendants of slaves but we also with them as in a better for this country well thank you Mister justice wall of mystery kind of fate to your I want to put this on the record I was not in the house when your resolution came up for a vote but I would have voted to support it I am sorry that it is something our government was responsible for Mitch McConnell may be right that no one alive is responsible for what happened then but everyone alive is responsible to do something now.

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