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You heard in our first annual prevention rules, FOR CARDIO-METABOLIC DISEASES CME conference, we are starting to develop peace to take care of elevated LP literally intruding work that's going on right now at Baylor College of Medicine and these are things that it's an interesting space as we look forward to. Now before we moved from there, I must. Fellows didn't such an outstanding job moderating the sessions. It was really a remarkable job. Well, done guys. So the next thing that we have to understand is once we looked at all the potential risk factors is take a step back and understand the pathophysiology of actress grossest genesis and myocardial infarction. Itself Goes Your Talk About Clark rupture inciting event, and that's an important aspect often now, the thing is don't forget though that atherosclerosis is a lifelong event right in other words only process about the scores has been identified even before the age of. Fatty speaks have been noted by the age of thirty through international studies. We've noted that about eighty percent of men and the majority of women have some block develop into the coronary arteries. We've done some work with ultrasound of the characters using a candidate intermediate thickness prevalence of plock in predicting cardiovascular disease, and again, I can tell you the prevalent off atlas crisis is so high that presents the plug tells you that the process is going on..

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