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Statistically, when yo kitch is on the floor, I have these numbers right in front of me. The nuggets are a 62 win team. According to cleaning the glass, when jokic plays, when he is off the floor, they are a 17 win team. That 45 game difference is by far the biggest differential among all players in the NBA. No one touches that. And beads is plus 29. Onto Takuma's is plus 25. Again, yogic just plus 45. You look up and down. I know all the advanced stats point in yoga's direction. He became the first player in NBA history last night to grab a thousand rebounds score 2000 points and dish out 500 assists in a season. First player ever to do that. Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, will Chamberlain, Kevin Garnett, these players have all come close. LeBron James, no one has ever done that before. And like, I just, yeah, I don't know what the nuggets of one 48 games. The sixers have won 49 games, like the seating argument, the I don't care about MVP. MVP needs to win X amount of games or being exceeding. It's like, okay, no, absolutely not. Sorry. So I just, I look at. I mean, there's just countless ways to look at it. And I always come back to jokic is the best player in the league and the most valuable to his team. And there is no one on the nuggets who is as close to as good as tyrese maxi. There's no one on the nuggets who is as close to as good as Seth curry, sorry to Aaron Gordon. That might be you could make a little bit of an argument there, but I think Seth curry is better. James Harden, I mean, as poorly as he's played as disappointing as he's played, like, come on,.

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