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Squares a day with snacks all key to genetic food the second week you'd eliminate one meal and go to two meals a day with snacks in the feeding window from twelve to eight and then the third week you might have a couple of snacks but you're only gonna have one large meal at night so you can you know almost like coach house do the tier system strength training here tiersystem kito dieting with fasting spaced out and i think there's a lot of benefit to that there's a lot of benefit intermittent fasting even if you're not in the state of ketosis and really for a lot of people they're not hungry in the morning you know so it's pretty easy to skip that meal and just really hydrate and i find that the more i do my wife and i both do intermittent fasting for about fifteen sixteen hours a day we typically will finish eating between five and six pm and we'll start at nine am with usually like an optimized coffee similar to bulletproof good fats that kind of thing maybe a little collagen in that breaks the fast so i got count that as part of the deal but given that space i mean what happens when i'm up at six with bear and i've got three hours to kill and i'm feeling tired if i started at sea salt to the water and pounding water that hydration picks me up a notch i'm feel so awake and alive prior to that coffee that by the time the coffee kicks in i really feel coffee again you're not like i'm doing coffee just to pull myself up to baseline right so many people are hydrated if you have a window for that to actually focus on hydrating to kill your appetite and give yourself energy it's a beautiful time to to frontload to rehydrate the.

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