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Thursday night may twenty four th coming up on kcbs president trump has cancelled the upcoming summit between the us and north korea latest with a cbs news update in a moment i'm martin shankar in oakland lawyers for defendants in the ghost ship fire differ on postponing the trial in this one instance we have conflict larry sharoni good evening at seven thirty one bs news update president trump's decision to cancel the singapore summit may not be the last word on it both mr trump and officials in north korea are saying they're willing to keep talking cbs's major garrett said the president's action was not a surprise there were ample signals even a week ago that this was getting seriously off the rails they sent high level white house representatives to singapore for a pre summit planning meeting in the north koreans didn't show up what else could have made a pronouncement back then a week ago but a senior white house official told us that this white house wanted to give the north koreans every opportunity reasonable opportunity to make this meeting happened despite tough rhetoric on both sides asia expert gordon chang still thinks a summit will happen president trump has also left the door open to discussions with north korea they may not take place on june twelfth but i think that they will occur because both sides want to meet each other and to talk cbs news update i'm pam coulter kcbs news time seven thirty two lawyers for the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire differ on postponing the trial kcbs is margie shaffer has more from the alameda county superior court in oakland two men are each charged with thirty six counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fatal warehouse fire in december of twenty sixteen motion for bail for.

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